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That will be QUITE enough, and you know what I mean. I will not have flame wars on my videos. 300,000.......but......I......wauh!!!!!! 200,000..... I don't did.....whaaaaaa? 100,000 hits.....really...and still going!?!?! Oh my bucking Celestia! You Bronies are freaken awesome! Here is a gift to all my subscribers new and old! Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I will keep doing my thing as long as you all enjoy my singing and my rambling. Wow! Epic Pie Time is #2 this week and I'm #18! Love you Bronies! You want a piece of the Stache! Go get some! The ban hammer is flying high today my fellow bronies. high and hard! Thanks for the back up today my Bronies, I was off at, you know, WORK while the parasprites thought it would make their day to insult me when all I'm doing is laughing at them. Also thanks to WHOEVER put my "Becoming Popular" video up on My Little Brony. This is kinda a reply to all of the great comments from you all. Huge props to my friend Caerdwyn for providing the voice over work. Some of you may know him from his MLP fan fiction writings. If you have not looked over my other works, please take a few minutes to watch them and comment. Stay manly my friends. This is a work of parody and is covered under copyright law as such.

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