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Wood sculpture gallery carving fine wooden masterworks

Wood Sculpture Gallery Carving Fine Wooden Masterworks Wood sculptures by WoodRoyal® Studio Thailand www.woodroyal.com WoodRoyal® is a sculpture studio and gallery of fine wood carving arts, wooden statues and bass-relief masterworks. High resolution images available on-line at picasaweb.google.com We offer unique combinations of human, animal, nature, girl and woman carvings for your home and office. Our carvers create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned designs available. To request a quote send email to www.woodroyal.com please...
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:04:30
Tags: wood sculpture gallery .

5 axis cnc router - wooden sculpture

5 axis CNC router - wooden sculpture 5 axis cnc router, machining trial project - wooden sculpture from solid birch wood. AJ Grupp, Estonia, www.5-axis-cnc.com
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:02:31
Tags: axis cnc router sculpture .

Wood carving arts sale woodcarvings sculpture teak statue hidef video with a stereo sound

Wood Carving Arts Sale Woodcarvings Sculpture Teak Statue HiDef Video with a Stereo Sound Wood Carving Sculpture Art and Collectibles items for sale by WoodRoyal® Studio www.woodroyal.com We're the wood sculpture art gallery of fine carving arts and wooden masterworks made in teak. We offer wood sculptures plaques wall carvings and life-size statues. WoodRoyal® is an art sculpture studio and gallery of fine wood carvings wooden statues and bass-relief masterworks. High resolution images are available on-line at picasaweb.google.com We offer unique combinations of human animal and nature carvings for your home and office. Our carvers create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned designs are available. Send serious enquiry only to www.woodroyal.com please... Wood carving is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in the hand (this may be a power tool), resulting in a wooden figure or figurine (this may be abstract in nature) or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. The phrase may also refer to the finished product, from individual sculptures, to hand-worked mouldings composing part of a tracery. Some of the finest extant examples of early wood carving are from the Middle Ages in Italy and France, where the typical themes of that era were Christian iconography. In England many complete examples remain from the 16th and 17th century, where oak was the preferred medium. From the remotest ages the decoration of wood has been a foremost art. The tendency of human nature ...
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Paul sivell wood sculptor

Paul Sivell Wood Sculptor I followed the popular Isle of Wight based wood sculptor for three months filming him create one of his large sculptures. The fairy sculpture featured in this film now resides in the gardens of the Enchanted Manor on the Isle of Wight. This film is an edited version of the final film.
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:06:41
Tags: Chainsaw sculptor .

Art in italy - wood sculptor in venice - loris marazzi

ART IN ITALY - WOOD SCULPTOR IN VENICE - LORIS MARAZZI Art in Venice borns at the small gallery of a talent woodworker who sculpts fantastic wood art sculptures: "Loris Marazzi" who is inspired by his own expierences , minds and daily things to transformer all of them into admirable living wood art sculptures. Washington Post about Art and Sculpture in Venice - "Loris Marazzi Art Gallery". Taking a walk through this magical city, I could not ignore the small gallery of Loris Marazzi in Santa Margherita Square. Initially some beautiful garments hanging in the window had caught my attention. I was really confused! I asked myself, "Why is there a clothes line hanging in the window of a gallery?" My curiosity further attracted me and the magnetism of the beauty made me enter the gallery. To my surprise I found an ordinary Italian man, who I discovered was Mr. Marazzi, carving a jacket from a piece of wood. Then I suddenly realized the garments on the clothes line were wooden sculptures and what fantastic and ingenious sculptures. By the way this was not the ideal place to keep such fantastic treasures; however it does not matter the space or the façade when real art is present. Marazzi is a very kind man and is especially passionate about his work, "His Marvelous Wood Sculptures". Marazzi uses Cherry wood as well as Cirmolo, Walnut, and Pine wood to carve his art. He not only sculpts in wood he also works in Marble and Bronze, making wonderful pieces which now adorn gardens and swimming pools the world over. This Venetian artist ...
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Tags: arts italy shoppin .

John abduljaami, visionary wood sculptor.

John Abduljaami, visionary wood sculptor. John Abduljaam, renowned Oakland wood sculptor, works with found wood and sculpts with axe, chisel, and saw. He creates powerful and spirited works. The Oakland museum has two works in their permanent collection. March 10 - April 22, 2007 ZOOLATRY a curious menagerie John Abduljaami Curated by Mark Eanes and Kathryn Weller-Renfrow www.artsbenicia.org The exhibit is supported by James H. Riley, CFP, EA, Retirement Specialist, with support from William's Antiks. Gallery: www.swipple.com Smithsonian American Art Museum archives: siris-artinventories.si.edu Featured artist on California KQED "SPARK" Public Television which showcases only the most innovative and renowned: www.kqed.org Grave's Country has some works: www.gravescountry.com Ames Gallery: www.amesgallery.com John Abduljaami is featured in several books on outsider art, including: 20th Century American Folk, Self taught, and Outsider Art, by Betty-Carol Sellen, Cynthia J. Johanson Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth-century American Folk, by Chuck Rosenak, Jan Rosenak (1990) Self Taught, and Outsider Art, by Betty-Carol Sellen, Cynthia J. Johanson (2000) Point of View Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall: 200 Years of California Folk Painting and Sculpture. By Harvey Jones (Oakland Museum of ART, 1986) Tree of Life: The Inaugural Exhibition of the American Visionary Art Museum by Rebecca Hoffberger, Roger Manley, Colin Wilson (1996) Living in Balance By Jo Hanson, Patricia Sanders, Susan Leibovitz ...
Category: Education     Length: 00:03:36
Tags: brut raw sculpture .

Sanyi wood sculpture museum overview

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum Overview An overview about the national wood sculpture museum, located in Sanyi, Taiwan
Category: Education     Length: 00:08:09
Tags: Sanyi Exibition .

Jms wood sculpture

JMS Wood Sculpture Jeff Samudosky and Ken Packie do chainsaw wood sculpture near Gig Harbor, Washington
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:03:05
Tags: washington chainsaw .

Chainsaw wood carving festival

Chainsaw Wood Carving Festival Slide show of the Sand & Sawdust wood carving festival,Ocean Shores Washington,summer 2003.Wood carvers from around the Northwest gather to exhibit their sculptures.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:01:55
Tags: woodcarving sculptures .

The tribal eye: behind the mask (wood carving excerpt)

The Tribal Eye: Behind The Mask (wood carving excerpt) This amazing excerpt reveals in great detail how the Dogon people in Mali approach wood carving. Clip borrowed from part one the seven-part series "The Tribal Eye" by david attenborough. (original airdate: 1975)
Category: Education     Length: 00:08:08
Tags: david attenborough tribal eye behind .

Marco touch wood carving sculptures

Marco Touch Wood Carving Sculptures Andrew from the Marco Touch Arts Academy in Makeni, Sierra Leone gives a tour of the Cultural Heritage Giant Sculpture Collection featuring figures such as Bundu dancers, kora-toting djelibas, and palm wine tappers.
Category: Nonprofits & Activism     Length: 00:05:30
Tags: African art west .

Wood carving 101- part 4

Wood Carving 101- Part 4 Setting the "Eyes" and finishing up around the mouth and cheeks and chin.
Category: Education     Length: 00:05:00
Tags: sculpture woodcarving eyes .

Intricate thai wood carving art

Intricate Thai Wood Carving Art www.AmbarTravelBlog.com Amazing wood carving done by the local Thais. Some of these wooden art looks almost 3D and it seems so surreal. I'm still amazed by the beauty and talent!
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:00:46
Tags: Bangkok .

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