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mommy wig. ear piercings. tus. brent corrigan. miku y mikuo. .

Peach the gigantess (comic)

Peach The Gigantess (comic) kimeria87.deviantart.com This is a little retarded slideshow that took me more than a month to make. I didn't mean to make peach seem like an idiot but I really did bring up her stereotypes about her being stupid.. just to be funny. ._. I hugely regret shading the whole thing with an ink pen. Next time ,if I'm going to make another comic, I'm just going to use a pencil. It won't have as much luster and shininess but it'll still do. But that'll be some time from now because it's hard finding music.:( This video contains a little bit of vore, so if you don't like it then go away. Also if you flame me or do something stupid, I WILL block you, so keep insults to yourself, thank you. Also, my scanner cut off some parts of the pics, including some words. You also do not have to tell me this video is stupid because I already know. ;XD My marker also died out near the end. Once again my deviantart account is kimeria87.deviantart.com DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE MARIO SERIES(WHICH IS COPYRIGHT TO MR. SHIGERU MIYAMOTO) OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS, THE ONLY THINGS I CREATED INSIDE THIS COMIC IS DAISY'S SERVANT AND THE MUSHROOM PEACH EATS. MUSIC:Livin' in the city from sonic R(one of my favorite songs, so I chose it) Enjoy!
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:54
Tags: city princess peach daisy .

Nothing left behind - snake eats girl ( anaconda ) vore animation hd-sound

Nothing Left Behind - Snake eats Girl ( Anaconda ) Vore Animation HD-Sound www.mercilessnature.com I said i wont do that. But so many ppl requested it and i found an anaconda model (i respect that animals) so i gave a try. A very fast work for about 8 hours, didnt go hard on it becouse its realy hard to pose a 100+ part snake. All bulge morhps done by me. So there can be some bugs but as i said its a fast work. Just all vore animators should have atleast one snake animation ;) Enjoy!
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:00:33
Tags: animation poser snake anaconda phyton .

Superhero snake vore

Superhero Snake Vore by ~swiftbladez All credits for this great artist you can find more in devianart
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:42
Tags: vore snake girl superhero anaconda .

Gwen vored by devil bed

Gwen vored by devil bed Devil clown's video video made into a comic: vore swallowed whole alive legs feet tights wiggle squirm bare green terror worm toes vore vids the devilclown devil clown 13 gwen
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:21
Tags: devilclown 13 comic vore .

Dragonair vore

Dragonair vore Dragonair eats Pikachu :'( NOTE: I don't own this comic I can't draw any thing, not even a stickman pic theis comic belongs to sparkychu :)
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:30
Tags: vore pokemon pikachu .

Vore belly

Vore Belly This women and her husband were tired of this one persistent little girl scout so they hatch a little plan to get rid of her.The man advises for her wife to pretend to accept the girl scout's cookies and then grab her and eat her. She executes the plan flawlessly and now she has a big vore belly. They watch in amazement as the little girl scout is still struggling inside the wife's belly. (Again the story is purely fictional, no offense is intended, don' t like it, then why did you click it in the first place.)
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:25
Tags: vore belly tummy stomach gurgling .

Vore #35 by chance

VORE #35 By Chance Man, BBW's really grow on you after a while. I didn't think much of them at first, but then, I saw the girl from PlumpBunnyFilms (can't remember her name) and thought, "this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life". So, to credit her with getting me started on liking BBW's, I made the BBW in this video look like her. *Uploaded: June 5, 2011 *Views: 2394 *Likes: 3 *Dislikes: 0
Category: Comedy     Length: 00:01:54
Tags: vore swallow belly .

The mushroom vore

The Mushroom Vore Everyone, show I made animation pretty mushroom vore and she time ate them. Enjoy..
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:01:13
Tags: Mushroom Vore dragonesslife .

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