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300000 + rpm starship coil double pulse motor fan mod! crazy! (test30)

300000 + RPM Starship Coil Double Pulse Motor Fan Mod! Crazy! (TEST30) This is my double Pulse Motor Fan mod running on external transistors. The Math 1hz is one cycle per second So 60hz is = to 1 second So if the neo ball is spinning at 5.21khz that is = to 5210hz So we take 5210hz x 60sec = 312600 RPM Now if we use the micro seconds (us) it's like this: 184us is = to .000184 of a second So we take 1 sec / .000184sec = 5434.78261 revaluations So thats 5434.78261 revolutions per second. We want revolutions per minute, so we times this number by 60sec 5434.78261revs x 60sec = 326086.957 rpm Crap that's fast! The calculations are slightly deferent, I beleave that is the error of the scope. It gets touchy when we are measuring that fast of pulses. Please see my other videos for more info! This is crazy! Thanks to tom for the help yesterday and everyone else that corrected me on yesterday's videos! Now back to work! ~Russ
Category: Education     Length: 00:08:24
Tags: 300 300 30000 RPM Starship Coil Double Pulse Motor Fan Mod! Crazy! (TEST30) hhoforvolts damn fast blair gossip .

How to build a starship coil, tips and tricks

How to Build a Starship Coil, Tips and Tricks this is my old one of my jigs to build starship coils. hope these tips and tricks help! thanks to HHOforvolts for all the info on this coil!!! Thanks ~Russ
Category: Education     Length: 00:10:50
Tags: hhoforvolts build starship how help jig cool rodin coil math russ jack randy .

Clanzer loading led's on the rodin starship coil

CLaNZeR loading LED's on the Rodin Starship Coil Only got to play with the Rodin Starship Coil for a few hour today as busy weekend doing other stuff. Thought I would try loading those LED's boards, as I knew the flux inside the coil was easly strong enough to run one set, but wanted to look at the current and voltage to see if any changes. Surprised to see that not only do the coils voltage and current not really get effected, but the more LED' I add the less current the coil wants to pull. Cheers CLaNZeR www.overunity.org.uk
Category: Education     Length: 00:03:33
Tags: Rodin Starship Coil LED Overunity Free Energy clanzer .

Rodin / starship coil first pulse motor! (test15)

Rodin / starship coil first pulse motor! (TEST15) This as a prof of concept for me, I wanted to build a puls motor and so I did! Next is the double pulse motor!!! Yeah!
Category: Education     Length: 00:05:57
Tags: double pulse1 rodin coil starship hhoforvolts john bedini hall fan mod fast motor .

New design of powerful compressed starship coil

NEW DESIGN OF POWERFUL COMPRESSED STARSHIP COIL This is my new design of POWERFUL COMPRESSED STARSHIP COIL that consist in a COMPRESSED STARSHIP COIL with a "FERRITE CENTRE" this component it serves for better magnetic induction of the coil, this is a powerful coil...! the centre is not complete, i have a ferrite centre and "air centre" too...! observes my first run....
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:02:35
Tags: bedini motor .

Rodin starship coil experiments. (test2)

Rodin starship coil experiments. (TEST2) starship-rodin coil experiments (TEST2) What I would like to do... and what I have learned. Check out more here: www.markorodin.com The math involved in the coil design is amazing!!! READ IT!!! You mush understand the math to make high quality coils!!! I will be making more coils and testing them with things like this!
Category: Education     Length: 00:04:26
Tags: Marko Rodin starship coil (TEST) hhoforvolts tesla bedini fun scientific Jamie Buturff .

Dogsaver starship coil

Dogsaver Starship Coil New Dogsaver Starship type coil, wound with 16 turns of #20 doorbell solid copper hookup wire, wound in a special octagonal configuration discovered by cakegy and shown in one of his videos. It exhibits a lot of power in the center area. I've included the schematic for the driver circuit, which employs an IRF350 mosfet power transistor. It is the same circuit the Orb Weaver shown in an earlier video. Thanks to Rich Motzer as well for discovering how to make the Starship type coil and save us a lot of time in the winding efforts. The 147258361 winding pattern round the octahedral figure yields strong magnetic fields and energies in the central area that I'm still exploring. The one inch diameter neodymium cylinder magnet is magnetized thru the diameter. It goes 10 to 12000 RPM with rather strong troque from just a small +12volt brick power source. Aloha
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:01:16
Tags: rodin coil starship coil pulse motor bedini motor magent motor motor charger rodin effect vortex math tesla coil hall effect .

Rodin starship rod winding

Rodin Starship Rod Winding Starshipship Winding Guide yfrog.com This video shows how to wind a Starship-Rodin and my HHO "Rod" First tests have shown that the Starship produces a stronger vortex magnetic field than a Rodin of the same diameter and turns, because of it vertical windings verses the classic Rodin radial wind, plus the Starship is only 1/3 as thick allowing the builder to get his device closer to the magnetic vortex. Also you are not limited to size, it's unlimited, since it is not wound on a form. A 4" 24 turn dual wind Rodin took me almost 5 hours to build, the same coil in a Starship design took under 30 mins.. The Starship design allow someone who want to get in the Rodin coil field to do it quickly and without cost or fustration.
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:07:29
Tags: Rodin bedini over unity free energy meyer coil magnet .

Rodin & starship coil testing

Rodin & Starship Coil Testing Come all, I will be there...many speakers and the latest devices Tesla ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference • Albuquerque, New Mexico July 29-August 1, 2010 For info terry@teslatech.info peswiki.com Starshipship Winding Guide yfrog.com Link for newest circuit yfrog.com This is the first test using the classic "Rodin" & Starship Rodin coils. What I need to do is make classic Rodins and Starships with the same number of turns for true comparison. In the dual Starship coil there is only 7 turns on each winding using 17 ga wire. To have more windings, I would need 3" golf tees. It very hard to work with this heavy wire in a 4" dia. Starship coils use less wire than a Rodin and the windings are stack in the vertical plain as the classic forms a radial wind in the center.
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:05:23
Tags: Rodin HHO Meyer Over unity free energy Boyce Bedini Geet radiant .

New compressed starship coil

NEW COMPRESSED STARSHIP COIL This is my new COMPRESSED STARSHIP COIL....! this is not a conventional coil, is a special coil, i have within the pvc tube a complicated work, inside i have a coil that have the same properties of the starship coil...! with this work we can reduce the space in a coil that is equal of powerful to STARSHIP COIL...!
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:03:42

Isc - inversed starship coil

ISC - Inversed Starship Coil Testing my new coil... Thats what you get when you turn the inside out :-] (just a prototype)
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:02:58
Tags: Inversed Starship Coil ISC Coils Magnets Rodin White Hole Vortex .

Self oscillating starship coil

Self Oscillating Starship Coil Another experiment with Starship coil. This time I biased MJL with 20 kOhm resistor between collector and base, replaced diode between emitter and base with 10kOhm resistor and added neon bulb across output cap to signal HV in case of poor connection to the battery. Circuit is powered from 12V/1.7A wallwart and draws 300mA when tuned. I have 720 CCA automotive battery connected to the collector via 1000V/1A diode. Simple John Bedini setup. Circuit oscillates at 5kHz and is charging quite well. During 15 min. which took downloading from the camera to PC, battery went up to 14.25V and climbing. Round coil with green LED is just an inductive indicator of EMF. Scope probe is connected between emitter (negative) and collector of MJL21194. I'm reading 34V pulses at 5kHz with battery connected. Placing LED coil over the top causes oscillating frequency to rise about 150Hz. Thanks for watching Vtech
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:02:02
Tags: Starship Coil Bedini Energetic Forum .

300vdc + 1" micro starship coil = where did it go?... & accidental supercharged magnets? (test23)

300vdc + 1 Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to short out a baink of 24 300v 120 uf caps in to a tinny 1" starship coil... what happen next was a little crazy. Then I got shocked... I know I know be careful. Then my test lead jumped over to the stack of magnets and POW... now there more magnetic... ha-ha looks like I have a new way to make my magnets stronger... that will be a new test. Hope you all enjoy this one!
Category: Education     Length: 00:11:13
Tags: flying starship 300vdc Micro Coil .

Clanzer 24 pin rodin starship coil part 1

CLaNZeR 24 Pin Rodin Starship Coil Part 1 Okay , now onto the 24 pin Rodin Starship Coil. Speeded up to show full winding. Hit mute if you do not like the music ! Cheers CLaNZeR www.overunity.org.uk
Category: Education     Length: 00:06:06
Tags: Rodin Starship Coil overunity free energy clanzer .

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