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Uncovering the original '85 roper lawn tractor

Uncovering the original '85 Roper Lawn Tractor Purchased brand new April 29th, 1985, this Roper LT11 was used for 19 mowing seasons until being retired in the fall of 2003 after Dave's father passed away. It has been sitting in the garage since then covered with a tarp. Now, in April of 2009, we pull all the junk out of the back of the garage and take a look at this now 24 year old machine.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:04:43
Tags: roper sears craftsman .

Roper garden tractor

Roper Garden Tractor called my friend over with his GT to turn over some sod. im filming him (ShnitzlHaus thats me). we know he shouldnt have had his deck on, and he should have had his wheel weights on... but a storm was coming and we needed this done. good thing its an old tractor and he wasnt to concerned.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:14
Tags: sears sears roper roper tractor garden tractor gardening tilling plow sod turning .

Roper tractor

Roper Tractor Sears Roper Tractor, by request. oil change and snow plow. ready for the winter snow!
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:39
Tags: Sears Roper Tractor Garden Tractor craftsman snow winter .

Roper gtk-18 horizontal shaft kohler powered garden tractor

Roper GTK-18 horizontal shaft Kohler powered garden tractor Take a look at our new addition to the fleet: It's a mid 80's Roper GTK-18. It's got a horizontal-shaft Kohler Magnum opossed twin cast-iron motor. We also got another identical tractor for parts with this purchase, as well as a little dumping cart. It's got a 3-speed with a high low range, huge wheels, and this thing weighs a ton, it truly is the KING of the Ropers!
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:06:29
Tags: 18hp horizontal roper kohler magnum .

Roper rt 16 garden pulling tractor single cylinder briggs 1973

ROPER RT 16 GARDEN PULLING TRACTOR SINGLE CYLINDER BRIGGS 1973 1973 Roper RT 16 garden tractor. Single cylinder 16HP Briggs & Stratton. Will be pulling in the stock 16 Hp class this year at the Old Steam and Gas club of Dresden, (osagcd). Tuned up, new old stock carb, high & low range, 23x10.50x12 lug tires. Check back to see videos of this tractor pulling in a month or so. Grandfather purchased new, sold it in 1988 to my uncles father, he past away a few years ago and it was sold at auction. Friend of mine told me he found a Roper tractor in a nearby town and gave me the phone number. Turned out to be this tractor, that he purchased at the auction from my uncles father. I grew up mowing on this tractor in the 70's and up until 1988. I never thought I would ever see it again. Sorry about the sound in the video, the wind was blowing quite well.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:03:09
Tags: Roper garden tractor pulling sears suburban .

My first and second lawn tractors

My first and second lawn tractors Here is a Roper and it's my first lawn tractor. It has a bad transmission and the engine runs rough. The starter also needs some work. I do have a few old decks that can be made to work but I want it mostly as a field tractor for towing trailers and eventually to plow snow. Then there is my MTD Lawnflite lawn tractor which is a 50th Anniversary model. Both tractors leak some oil so that will need to be fixed as well. Both need TLC and that will be a winter project. The Lawnflite tractor has a 38 inch deck which is off the tractor for a good cleaning.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:04:55
Tags: lawn tractor MTD yt:quality=high .

Crushed roper lawn tractor at the dump

Crushed Roper lawn tractor at the dump Looks like we got to the dump a little late to save this old Roper, when the metal pile gets too big they come around with a bulldozer and condense it. Oh well, at least it was only an LT and not a nice GT like our big 18hp Kohler twin Roper.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:00:05
Tags: lawn yard garden riding mower tractor .

Roper garden tractor

Roper Garden Tractor Darlene pulling at Westport NY. 1976 18hp Onan twin engine.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:34
Tags: Roper Tractor Garden Pulls .

K. smith's roper 16t garden tractor 1st place pull 171 ft

K. SMITH'S ROPER 16T GARDEN TRACTOR 1ST PLACE PULL 171 FT 1976 Roper 16T twin cylinder onan pulling at the Dresden Melon festival. This was the winning pull at 171 feet 11 inches. Second place was a close 169 feet 8 inches. This is 3 wins in a row in the 1050# stock 16 HP class. Running a set of Firestone 23 flotation tires. 23x10.50-12. This old tractor loves the cool air.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:27
Tags: sears suburban roper .

Roper lawn tractor modified

Roper lawn Tractor modified deep puddle then a hill that is bigger than it looks. First ride with new tires. 1974 Roper garden tractor 16hp briggs gt
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:00:37
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Roper garden tractor

Roper Garden Tractor Jr Pulling on darlene's tractor. Addison county field days, Vermont.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:20
Tags: Roper Tractor Garden Pulls .

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