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touhou. black smokey eyes. hairstyles blond on top black underneath. is pyar ko kya naam du. thinspo pro ana. coloring pictures of soap.

3 days post operative(breast aug, grs/srs, trachea shave)

3 days post operative(breast aug, grs/srs, trachea shave) Hey babies... Please ignore the lack of makeup... I look hideous, but I need to make a video link to my lovers youtube channel... lol: youtube.com/user/thisismartinjr
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Vlog 01.09.10 - grs post op day #41 - post op depression

vlog 01.09.10 - GRS Post Op Day #41 - Post Op Depression A little update on how things are going. No ring cushion anymore! I'm free! Maybe I was playing it a little safe and could have ditched it earlier, but whatever. No more! Lata, sucka! I have been having occasional bouts of depression post op. Looking at my life pre op and pre transition make me think about what I might be missing. But it's done and there's no going back. And that lack of option might be partially to blame. Before it was a choice I had to make. Stay the same or change. Now I'm locked in. No going back. And that's scary. What if I can never have a normal life ever? Oh well. I think these worries will subside as I gain mobility and can start living my life again without being in bed all the time. I need to get out there and socialize and exercise and work and play and date and have fun. Without those things I only have time to think about the lack of them.
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Grs post op day 1 :)

GRS post op day 1 :) Dont take the piss out of my voice, i bet u sound funny too when your dosed up to the eyeballs!
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Vlog 12.10.09 - grs post op day #11

vlog 12.10.09 - GRS Post Op Day #11 Yay! Shirts! Get em while they're hot! Wait, they're not hot. I don't have anymore, actually. But I've been asked to make more, so, I guess I will. If you're interested, let me know. I need to figure out a price, huh? Ok, I will. Yay! I got my certificate! I can get an F on my passport! Yay! I can travel again without strange looks! Yay! And Dr. McGinn also gave me a beautiful butterfly wing pendant. It's beautiful. Thanks you, Doc! God, I just can't wait until I'm back home and have some semblance of control over the way I look. Whatever, you people don't care.... obviously. :) Go eat at Duck Soup if you're seeing Dr. McGinn. The owner is the cook and she's good at it. Ask the Papillon people about where it is. Couldn't be closer if it tried. Oh, hope you like the day's outtakes at the end. :D
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2 months post-op (male to female transgender)

2 Months Post-Op (Male to Female Transgender) It's been two months since I had my genital reassignment surgery (GRS), and I'm back to talk about how things have been going since. In this video I talk more in depth about the physical results of the surgery as well as giving more information about dialating. I also talk about the possibility of going back to get a labiaplasty, and some things that I'm hoping to get fixed.
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Grs post op day 6

GRS Post op day 6 I try hard to explain the gory details after a tough day on the ward.
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Grs post op day 3

GRS Post op day 3 I missed day 2 coz i was totally out of it. But being in agonising pain i think ive got an excuse ;-) i couldnt sleep or eat properly, had alot of problems with the catheter an all sorts. but on day 3 i learned how useful positivity can be ( ^ - ^ )b
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One year post-op & grishno live cast

One Year Post-Op & Grishno Live Cast NOTE: Apologies for the video formatting. I am still having some issues recording, editing, and posting with my new computer. So today is one whole year since I got my surgery. And to celebrate I'm going to be doing a live cast event on Monday May 14th at 5:00 PM PST. Check out www.facebook.com/grishno for more details. The live cast will be held at www.livestream.com/grishno.
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Srs 9 weeks post op

SRS 9 Weeks Post Op I finally made it back to full time at work. I'm glad I did it but it is exhausting. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and I promise that I'll start updating my blog soon.
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Srs 8 weeks post op

SRS 8 Weeks Post Op Here is my 8 week Post Op Update. I'm sorry it is late. I've gone back to full time and I am just too tired when I get home to shoot and edit in one night. THank you all for continuing to watch my videos. BTW. I am in a pilot for a TV show and it shoots Monday. That is all I can say for now since it may never see the light of day.
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My chest 1 week post-op

My Chest 1 Week Post-Op it looks pretty rough because of the reaction to the glue they used but once it heals up its going to be PERFECT!
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