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Landing s3 viking jet on aircraft carrier - cockpit view

Landing S3 Viking Jet On Aircraft Carrier - Cockpit View Landing an S-3 Viking jet on an aircraft carrier from the Navy pilot's view.. pretty cool. Check out this cockpit view of an Airbus A330 Take Off: www.youtube.com
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:00:48
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A340 cockpit landing in são paulo : long version hd

A340 Cockpit Landing in São Paulo : LONG VERSION HD A340 Cockpit Landing in Sao Paulo : Long Version HD After many requests, Noseview Landing of the SWISS A340-300 in Sao Paulo. Includes ATC. enjoy the nearly 15 minutes!Sound : Edited due to company regulations and my deal with my employer, SWISS INTERNATIONAL. All my videos of real life aviation are in understanding, supervision and contracted with SWISS International and its safety division. I edit with magix video deluxe 17pro. Subscribe for more aviation videos from where its best : THE VERY FRONT SEAT! Visit swiss international here : www.swiss.com Visit my private aviation website here: HD-Aviation.com I thank you for watching, commenting and rating, i am sorry if i dont reply on every comment, but i will certainly try to do so.If you have further questions, i am sure you will get most of them answered on my Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/user/dnhug FAQ: -NO,im not a pilot yet. -Sound is muted to minimum (company reg.), cant repeat it enough :) www.youtube.com/user/dnhug This video has been uploaded as part of the Machinima Directors' program, in accordance with YouTube guidelines. greetings, dominic neil hug © Machinima.com
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:11:03
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Saba extreme landing cockpit view

Saba Extreme Landing Cockpit View This short video shows you a crazy landing on the shortest runway in the world... Enjoy !!
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:20
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Boeing 777-300er cockpit landing in paris - air france

Boeing 777-300ER Cockpit Landing in Paris - Air France Air France landing in Paris Orly from Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:03:55
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"severe clear" ~ md-11 ►landing kjfk 13l◄►(cockpit)

Photos of Boeing 737 400 cockpit ♠ You find the Runway! ~ A kool Cockpit view of a very challenging 'Canarsie' Approach {Parkway Visual} over the concrete jungle to Rnwy 13L~ KJFK~ NY. Difficult enough for the experienced and in this case, we had a FIRST timer ~ the F/O. All 226 passengers had a interesting ride . 213000 ~ 2/11
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:02:25
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San francisco sunset landing - 737 cockpit flight (home simulator)

San Francisco Sunset Landing - 737 Cockpit Flight (Home Simulator) A beautiful sunset greets us on a clear San Francisco evening as we shoot the ILS to runway 28R at SFO. Special thanks to F/O James Rowson for the shoddy camera work as I manually fly the airplane! FS2004, wideFS, and Project Magenta networked over 6 PCs, with three projectors warped over a 24' curved screen providing the visuals. Hardware components are from Flight Deck Solutions, CPFlight, Poldragonet, SISMO, and ACE. The seats are out of a real UPS 727-100QPF. Yes, I know the yokes aren't linked and there are visible projector seams on the screen. Linked yokes are enroute and the new visual system is almost completed. Enjoy!
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:42
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Boeing 757 cockpit landing at lanzarote by capt mark casey jet2

Boeing 757 Cockpit Landing at Lanzarote by Capt Mark Casey Jet2 Part3 of 5: Captain Mark Casey flies a Jet2.com Boeing 757 to Lanzarote from Cork. A VideoTV.ie LenseOnLife Oliver Leamy Production Landing at Lanzarote airport, and return to Cork airport.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:05:32
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Boeing 737-400 landing cockpit window

Boeing 737-400 landing cockpit window Boeing 737-400 cockpit window view during landing - www.aviafilms.com A view from the cockpit window of a Boeing 737-400 while landing at Milan Malpensa Airport. We also have lots of other Boeing 737 videos on our channel. Feel free to check them out and subscribe if you like our videos. AviaFilms Team.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:01:53
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C-17 cockpit landing mcchord afb

C-17 cockpit landing McChord AFB veiws of the landing from the flightdeck of a C-17 Globemaster at McChord AFB, WA. Taken by a Civil Air Patrol Cadet during WAWG summer encampment, Cascade Falcon XII
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:02:33
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B-737 cockpit view approach & landing tgu

B-737 Cockpit View Approach & Landing TGU A cockpit view of the approach in weather and circling to land on RW01 (2004) at Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigulpa Honduras- MHTG
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:04:45
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A340 cockpit landing in zurich hd

A340 Cockpit Landing in Zurich HD good morning Zurich ! A340 Cockpit Landing in Zurich HD. This is the daily SWISS Service from Hong Kong to Zurich. Enjoy, rate, and leave a comment! www.youtube.com/user/dnhug This video has been uploaded as part of the Machinima Directors' program, in accordance with YouTube guidelines. greetings, dominic neil hug © Machinima.com
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:48
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Airbus a320 landing funchal madeira cockpit view hd

Airbus A320 Landing Funchal Madeira Cockpit view HD Me landing the A320 @ Funchal Airport on Madeira island Portugal in high definition. VOR approach rwy 05, visual circle to land. Please rate, more soon! -I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS FOR THE BACKGROUND MUSIC-
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:02:09
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Klm boeing b747-400 landing at curacao cockpit view

KLM Boeing B747-400 Landing at Curacao Cockpit view Landing at Curacao Hato airport as seen from cockpit B747-400. Watch the shadow of the plane growing larger! For all those wandering why we landed before displaced threshold: The displaced threshold at this airport is necessary to clear the visable ridges on a IMC approach(that is when in clouds) at the legal altitudes . But when you are VFR(that is when you are visual with the runway), there is no objection, once you are clear of the last ridge to steepen your approach a little bit and land before the displaced threshold. One is then able to make the turnoff as in this video, saving the company some taxi fuel and engine running time. And yes, officially it is not allowed.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:07
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Citation ii landing and cockpit

Citation II Landing and Cockpit A Cessna Citation II cockpit and instrument panel, CE-550 corporate jet with a landing. Shot with Sony MHS-PM5/V bloggie Pocketable HD Camera
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:07
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