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Jerusalem cricket (family stenopelmatidae)

Jerusalem Cricket (Family Stenopelmatidae) The Potato Bug / Jerusalem Cricket / Old Man Bug is an underground vegetarian. It eats roots and likes moist friable soil. www.naturebytesvideo.com
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:08
Tags: Jerusalem Cricket .

Jerusalem cricket eats a superworm!

Jerusalem Cricket Eats a Superworm! These things are BAD ASS! Here I am feeding my big male Jerusalem Cricket a superworm. He seems to like it a lot! And he is massacring it!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:05:42
Tags: Crickets Jerusalem Reptile Lizard Eating Dragon Snake Feeding Mouse Snakes Python Spider bugs potato Stenopelmatus fuscus giant huge massive .

The ashes series 2005 - england cricket song

The Ashes Series 2005 - England Cricket Song Join Swagbucks for free, i've been a member for 6 months and in that time i've got 11 Amazon vouchers for next to no effort www.swagbucks.com
Category: Sports     Length: 00:02:18
Tags: cricket england australia ashes jerusalem william .

Potato bug in hand.

Potato Bug in hand. California San Francisco, Head of this bug looks like a humans head very cool close up. I took time to train it not to bite by placing it in a clear plastic bowl in my hand then removed the bowl. Jerusalem Crickets, also called potato bugs, are a group of large, flightless insects of the genus Stenopelmatus. They are native to the western United States and parts of Mexico. Despite their name, Jerusalem crickets are neither true crickets, true bugs, nor native to Jerusalem, and they do not prefer potatoes for food. Active only at night, the insects use their strong mandibles to feed primarily eat other insects. Their highly adapted feet are used for burrowing beneath moist soil in decaying root plants and tubers where they find other insects and their larva.
Category: Education     Length: 00:00:39
Tags: are a group of large .

Jerusalem cricket breeding video i

Jerusalem Cricket Breeding Video I These are my newest additions! I love these little guys, I'm trying to start breeding them and this is the first video. I'm going to be documenting everything that I do with them.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:10:15
Tags: Crickets Jerusalem Reptile Lizard Eating Dragon Snake Feeding Mouse Snakes Python Spider bugs potato Stenopelmatus fuscus giant huge massive .

Jerusalem cricket

Jerusalem Cricket A Pet Jerusalem Cricket makes a lap about a terrarium. From Wikipedia: "Jerusalem crickets (genus Stenopelmatus) are a group of large (body length up to 69mm), flightless insects native to the western United States, along the Pacific Coast, and south into Mexico. Because of their large, human-like head, they are commonly called niño de la tierra (Spanish for "child of the earth"), Earth baby, cara de niño (Spanish for "child's face"), wó see ts'inii (Navajo for "skull insect"), or old bald-headed man. They are also often called potato bugs."
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:57
Tags: jerusalem cricket .

Spider vs. jerusalem cricket

Spider vs. Jerusalem Cricket Feeding a female garden spider with my son over the course of two weeks made her huge but never thought the cricket would even stick to the web. The next day the cricket's abdomen looked like an empty Capri-Sun!! GNARLY!!!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:42
Tags: Fight Bugs Sick Nature Spider Insect Science .

Stenopelmatus species - potato bugs, jerusalem crickets, nino de la tierra part 1

Stenopelmatus species - Potato bugs, Jerusalem crickets, nino de la tierra part 1 These crazy looking bugs used to terrify me as a child. Now i think they are great! They are a type of very large, flightless cricket. They seem to eat a wide range of foods in captivity including some vegetables, waffles, and each other! This video is more just getting used to shooting in semi high definition than an actual "bug lesson", per se... hope you enjoy it none-the-less :) [uploaded from a ~70MB WMV]
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:03:15
Tags: part .

Potato bug aka jerusalem cricket #1

Potato Bug aka Jerusalem Cricket #1 Very Shaky, almost unwatchable Video. By Readda. Watch High Quality Video on YouTube. Found the cricket in a dirt burrow under a paving brick in my backyard. Turn up the volume for the scratchy digging sounds as the cricket moves around in a white paper shopping bag. Holding bag in sunlight while trying to keep cricket from crawling out while filming.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:00:29
Tags: Potato Bug aka Jerusalem Cricket insect gross .

Jerusalem crickets!

Jerusalem Crickets! Here I'm filming Jerusalem Cricket in their tubs. They are really cool!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:04:57
Tags: Crickets Jerusalem Reptile Lizard Eating Dragon Snake Feeding Mouse Snakes Python Spider bugs potato Stenopelmatus fuscus giant huge massive .

Black widow vs jerusalem cricket - 4 09 019 (2)

Black Widow VS Jerusalem Cricket - 4 09 019 (2) Black Widow Spider slowly capturing a giant meal. (2nd video)
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:00:27
Tags: Black Widow Spider Spider fight caught Susan Boyle Jerusalem Cricket .

Jerusalem cricket

Jerusalem Cricket Big Jerusalem Cricket that was wandering around the garage. Seems to be in rough shape, but does a credible acting job. Music from www.thomasdimuzio.com (Thanks Tom!)
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:21
Tags: Jerusalem Cricket .

Jerusalem cricket & horsehair worms

Jerusalem Cricket & Horsehair worms We saw this in Zion National Park on the River walk on October 23, 2010.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:16
Tags: bugs Jerusalem cricket .

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