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How to: bleach black/dark hair to platinum/gold blonde (diy at home!)

How to: Bleach Black/Dark Hair to Platinum/Gold Blonde (DIY at home!) PLEASE READ: Please keep in mind that I am NOT a hair stylist so what I say may not be 100% correct or the "right way". My hair may not seem "natural" but I prefer it to be like this so if you don't agree or "like" what I've done then you don't have to watch this. I am not trying to depict myself as "trying to be white". I believe that any race can dye whatever color they want their hair to be! This video is just a FUN & HARMLESS way to show people who want their hair blonde that there "is" an easy way to achieve it! I'm obviously not the only person in this world that has had the same problem I had when it came to getting my hair blonde! I found a solution so all I want to do is share my expierence.. geez. Please be mindful with your words... No one held a knife to your throat and made you watch this video. So simply click on [X] if this video somehow seems to offend or bother any of you. Thanks! Products Found at Sallys Beauty Supply: Loreal Pure White 30 Cream Developer - 2.99 Quick Blu Lightener - 3.99 or Wellite Lightener 2.99 Wella Toner in "White Lady" - 3.79 Brush + Bowl - 1.79 Tone Restoring Shampoos: (prevent your blonde from turning brassy/orange) Shimmer Lights - 7.99 (found at Salleys) John Freida Tone Restoring Shampoo - 5.99 (found at Ulta) FTC: All products were purchased by me! I was not paid to do this. Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Follow my blog: makeupbybella.blogspot.com Sigma Brushes! http
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Relaxed and bleached with virgin re-growth

Relaxed and Bleached with Virgin Re-growth To get your Brazilian Keratin Treatment done on Curacao, email us at BKT-Curacao@live.com S has relaxed hair with virgin re-growth. S has very thick, curly hair and she has allot of it. Her hair has been severely over-processed due to overlapped relaxer, bleach and the over use of permanent color. Her hair is very week, breaks easily and is very dry. After the treatment her hair will be in much better condition, it won't break, will not frizz up at the first sign of humidity and will be softer and shinier. Because her hair is so dry and brittle, she won't see the full effect of the treatment until the second or third application. S's hair is thick and curly, but not course. This means that her re-growth is easily straightened by the treatment. However it will not maintain the look for more than 2 months. After which she will have to do the whole treatment on her whole head. Step 1: Wash hair with clarifying shampoo Step 2: Blow-dry hair completely Step 3: Apply product, let product sit for 15 minutes Step 4: Blow-dry hair completely Step 5: Flat iron hair using small sections Step 6: Wait 60 minutes Step 7: Rinse hair and apply deep conditioning mask Step 8: Rinse hair and rough dry hair
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Hair: bleach/ toner /developer 101

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Diy ombre hair tutorial on half wig

DIY Ombre hair tutorial on half wig Hey Guys here is how I dye my hair with bleach and dye to achieve the ombre gradient look. It is really easy,simple and won't break the bank:) I am wearing my half/3/4 wig that I made with my Aliexpess hair. Hope you guys enjoy. RATE,COMMENT,AND SUBSCRIBE! Blog: Sidneeloves.com Follow my Twitter: twitter.com
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Tags: DIY Ombre hair tutorial virgin hair dyed how to dye hair with bleach how to bleach hair bleaching hair weave ombre look on hair ombre look in weave easy ombre tutorial .

Perm hair / relax hair with share

Perm hair / Relax hair with Share How to save money on getting your hair permed (when people want to charge you extra money for having long hair and then more extra money for having thick hair) and still have salon results without the salon. Some of my favorite products that I use regularly and in this video include Africa's Best Organic Damage control, ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer, and Africa's Best Organic Reflective Sheen. I use a lot of protectants because my hair is the Result of bleaching, dyeing, bleaching again, and then perming my hair over the course of a 4-5 month period. In my defense, neither times that I bleached my hair, did I actually KNOW that I was bleaching my hair. The first time was a "pre treatment" to enhance the color of the dye and the second was a "decolorizer" to remove the color of the dye. The perm thing, well, I was breaking "unbreakable" combs. I didn't feel like I had a choice.
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Hairstyling tips : how to prevent hair breakage

Hairstyling Tips : How to Prevent Hair Breakage Preventing hair breakage involves avoiding too much hair tension while it is wet and using hair-specific rubber bands that won't stress the hair. Prevent hair breakage with tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care. Expert: Amelia Smith Bio: Amelia Smith has been...
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Hair bleach fail

Hair Bleach Fail Okay! So I bleached my hair as usual (to turn my hair another color) which went fine. But when I put in the toner/dye, it didn't feel quite right. I looked all over the packet & on the INSIDE of the box, there was a disclaimer saying that I needed to dilute the toner/dye down with a developer - with a ratio of about 1:3 :/ I washed it out after 5 minutes of having it on, and what you see before you is the result! Guess I learned a lesson today! (But seriously, what dye company puts that kind of information on the inside of the box??)
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Tags: white blond blonde disaster fail breakage break destroyed wreck wrecked lol hair self job bleach .

Getting rid of red hair tutorial

Getting rid of red hair tutorial I figured I'd put this up since I haven't really been able to find anything like this on here. Red hair is the new thing out there these days and there's plenty of tutorials to get yourself there, but not many showing you how to get away from it once you want a change. I wanted to go to a lilac purple color so I'm taking the steps to get away from bright red to the purple shade I want. This is only Part 1 as I wanted to take a break in between bleaching so it didn't completely fry and ruin my hair. Part 2 and getting myself to purple will be posted shortly!! Song: The Mission (M is for Milla Mix) by Puscifer (featuring Milla Jovovich) Products used: Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer Unred Hair Color Drabber Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo
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Bleaching my hair

Bleaching my Hair I let my friend bleach my hair from black to almost blonde after everyone told us what a bad idea it was. The song is Lex by Ratatat.
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Bleaching - brunette to blonde hair

Bleaching - Brunette to Blonde Hair This is my second time bleaching my hair from brunette to blonde. The first time was horrible - dried my hair really bad with one application 'different stuff'. My hair now - after bleaching is not too bad - didn't dry out too much - should be normal pretty soon. I'm just experimenting with colors right now. I will dye my hair with "Manic Panic - Wildfire" soon. Hope my job doesn't mind. :^\
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Dreadlock questions part 1 - locking up, bleaching extensions, dreadlock styles and products used.

Dreadlock questions Part 1 - Locking up, Bleaching extensions, Dreadlock styles and products used. SO I know the video starts from the random bit, but I filmed answering all of the questions, but then I figured out better answers, so I thought I would cut just a few questions anyway. Hope it helps:)
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Properly wash/shampoo your long hair to prevent breakage, split ends, drying, and tangles

Properly Wash/Shampoo Your Long Hair to Prevent Breakage, Split Ends, Drying, and Tangles Hi, in this video I show you how to properly wash your long hair. This method saves you time and allows you to shampoo your hair any time you want without having to take a full shower. It is so much better for your hair because it helps prevent you from drying it out and causing breakage. Your hair will be cleaner and have more body. While I demonstrate, I give you lots of helpful tips along the way. I hope you will find this video helpful. I welcome your comments and please don't forget to subscribe because I have a lot more great tips to come! For more helpful tips, please visit me at my blogspot at: www.youtips4u.blogspot.com To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here cgi.ebay.com
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How to stop hair breakage

How to Stop Hair Breakage This video gives a description of hair breakage and how it is different from hair shedding. It then provides steps you can take to stop hair breakage.
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