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Turning sawdust into syngas

Turning sawdust into syngas This is the first operation of our GEK gasifier in our lab. It's CO and H2 that are burning from the gasification of regular wood pellets in the reactor in the red container. Had it up to 500 C in the reactor. Syngas is going to be used to run an experimental engine in the future.
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Victory gasworks gasifier demonstration

Victory Gasworks gasifier demonstration Sundary, July 18 in Toledo, Washington! A few students and I drove from Bellingham to take part in this BBQ and wood gasification demonstration put on by Ben, proprietor of Victory Gasworks.
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Poele polycombustible par gazeification bois / wood stove gasifier / syngas / www.ecoteco.fr

POELE POLYCOMBUSTIBLE PAR GAZEIFICATION BOIS / WOOD STOVE GASIFIER / SYNGAS / www.ecoteco.fr Principe de gazeïfication avec des pellets de bois, principe très simple rendement proche de 100%. Pas de fumée en fonctionnement , juste au démarrage ensuite tout es brulé, pas d'odeur. Ce système est capable de tout bruler en rejetant très peu de matière polluante: huile végétale, bois, papier, huile de vidange, paraphine, cire et même le plastique. T° de fonctionnement 1100° Gros bruler à pellets Wood stove, high performance by gasification. Test with pellets . wood gaz generator Very simple process. Efficiency near 100% No smoke, no odor It will be burning: vegetable oil, wood, paper, plastic etc..... T° running 1100° Big pellets burner forge www..fr
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Construction d'un gazéïficateur / syngas stove / www.ecoteco.fr

Construction d'un gazéïficateur / syngas stove / www.ecoteco.fr Construction d'un gazéïficateur pour déchets d'origine domestiques, revalorisation des déchets directement. Poêle pour déchets Construction of a gasifier syngas system for domestic wastes, upgrading waste directly. Waste furnace
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Starting the gasifier

starting the gasifier after running the gasser for more than 8 hours the day before, it was left to stop on it's own (10:00 pm may 7) and cool down over night. this is restarting it using the char that was left, may 8 7:00 am the lid isn't sealing as well as it should so we're helping it along with tie down... a fix for it is in the works
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Gasifier ,wood gas ,syngas

Gasifier ,Wood gas ,Syngas Wood gas, Syngas, Biomass, wood chip Gasifier, combustion stove ninetywatt@gmail.com
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Re-building gasifier

re-Building Gasifier Re-building the gasifier , And manufracturing our tools.
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Bruleur gazeificateur pneu / tire gasification syngas burner / www.ecoteco.fr

BRULEUR GAZEIFICATEUR PNEU / TIRE GASIFICATION SYNGAS BURNER / www.ecoteco.fr Essai de gazéïfication de pneus usagés. Exemple de revalorisation des pneus en essayant d'être moins polluant que sous la forme actuelle de recyclage si elle existe. Il existe un système pour transformer récupérer les gaz de cette gazéïfication pour produire de l'électricité. There is a system to transform to recover the gas for the gasification to generate electricity. TIRE GASIFICATION BURNER Gasification test tires. Example of upgrading the tires trying to be less polluting than the present form of recycling if available.
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Poêle gazéification incinérateur / waste stove gasification / syngas / www.ecoteco.fr

Poêle Gazéification incinérateur / waste stove gasification / syngas / www.ecoteco.fr Essai de gazéïfication de déchets plastiques. Réutilisation des déchets . revalorisation des déchets Incinération non polluante. gasification of waste plastics. gasification recycling of waste in the form of free energy smokeless odorless waste gasification plastic bottle gazéification des déchets incinérateur revalorisation des déchets chaleur gratuite écologie incinerator ecology economy free energy Reuse waste Incineration does not pollute. recycling of waste
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Syngas electric generator components

Syngas Electric Generator Components Here I explain the various components in the Syngas powered Electric Generator unit. www.AllEnergies.net to learn more. Also Check out our blog www.allenergies.net OffGridinTexas.com
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Woodgas gasifier, first built.

Woodgas gasifier, first built. This is our very first woodgas gasifier. It has a refractory hearth 6 in diameter. The flame is orange in color with tinge of blue because our gas cleanup was not the best then. Since then we have upgraded the entire system and made it "oxygen fed" to remove the Nitrogen from the air that makes the woodgas low heating value. We use an Oxygen Concentrator to do this. Intermittently as the temperature gets to right heat, steam is injected to cool it down and also make more syngas via steam reforming. As it cools down, steam injection is stopped and only oxygen flows again. This goes in cycles and done automatically. Our new unit is smaller, very compact and portable with gas cleanup consisting of water cooled heat exchanger, cyclone, water bubbler, water shower scrubber, tar-water separator, cooking oil bath filter with stainless steel wool and dry filter. The gas cleanup train is very compact weighing only approx. 20 lbs. Also we have successfully compressed the Syngas into a propane tank and you can see another upoladed video www.youtube.com Our system has automatic Oxygen and CO2 sensor of the Syngas that is being compressed. There is zero O2 and CO2. If the system senses any of the gas, the compression stops automatically and gas is vented into the atmosphere. Our next step is compression of the clean Syngas (Not woodgas with Nitrogen) into a Carbon Fiber Tank up to 3600 psi.This can be adapted for use in a vehicle to make it bifuel with maybe E85? or E100 Using syngas ...
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Gasifier +wood gas+syngas 4

Gasifier +wood gas+syngas 4 Gasifier +wood gas+syngas 4 wood chip combustion stove, Biomass Thailand ninetywatt@hotmail.com
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