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amazon animals. princess charm school filme. ulzzang hairstyle. 1950 tv. hair light black. nina dobrev as katherine pierce.

Ulzzang summer fashion 2012

Ulzzang Summer Fashion 2012 Hope you guys enjoy! like these clothes? get them at adf.ly check out my blog: adf.ly adf.ly copyright: music goes to pledis pictures goes to the link above
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:10
Tags: korean fashion asian .

Makeup & ulzzang/gyaru fashion haul

Makeup & Ulzzang/Gyaru Fashion Haul Sorry for my no-makeup face... I wanted to film my foundation routine right after this... XP Join my giveaway here: www.youtube.com Subscribe to Anz: www.youtube.com (don't tell her I sent you though! I don't want her to know what she's getting yet ^^) Disclaimer: I don't own the music....
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:04:34
Tags: haul giveaway contest warm palette coastal books scents sailor shirt .

Ulzzang summer fashion :d

Ulzzang Summer Fashion :D Hey guys, just another short video showing Ulzzang Styles. Enjoy! ^-^
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:20
Tags: clothing ulzzang summer fashion .

Ulzzang lee hae min

Ulzzang Lee Hae Min ♥Ulzzang Lee Hae Min. ^^ i like her clothes :D they're pretty 8) especially the school-type looking ones. O; sorry for late upload again xD Download Kara's Mister Here! - www.4shared.com - Theword Ulzzang (얼짱) came from Korea. Ulzzang or Uhljjang means "best face" in Korean. The Ulzzang Fashion started in South Korea. Many Ulzzang wannabes post up their pictures on various websites, voting and chatting can be done on many of them. Contests sites, both internet and in real life, are often used to pick the best Ulzzangs, but you do not necessarily need to enter or win. Some Ulzzangs, however, have not relied solely on the internet. For example, some have gained popularity at school for being attractive. Most Ulzzangs, however, use the internet to share their photos, and that is how many become popular. Many Ulzzangs use web camera program, such as Haduri, are popular among teens in Korea, China, Japan. People also take normal or digicam pictures. Some people even use Photoshop to edit themselves. Once Ulzzang, who photoshop themselves, there normal looks maybe change . From before and after looks. Ulzzang who use photoshop, often edit there eyes to make them look bigger, and covering there flaws. To become an Ulzzang, young teens, girls often buy products for their face. This includes fake eyelashes, circle lens, for eyes "contacts", makeup, foundations, eyelid tape, and etc. The most famous Ulzzangs may earn celebrity status. Some Ulzzangs may even become real ...
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:02:25
Tags: ulzzang uljjang .

Ulzzang - winter fashion 2011

Ulzzang - Winter fashion 2011 Read me ~ Hope you guys liked it! Comment and tell me what you think about the video! Since my first video got so many views, I decided to make another one. Should I make these kind of videos regularly? Please help me decide! Song ~ Be quiet by Kim Wan Sun feat. Yong Jun Hyung
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:45
Tags: cute beautiful ulzzang fashion style clothes yong jun hyung imlucky2haveyou .

Back-to-school ulzzang summer fashion

Back-To-School Ulzzang Summer Fashion Sorry for the sort or long delay. However you prefer :) There were some fixes that I needed to deal with on my apt. Soo....for ado, here is a back to school summer fashion inspired look by ulzzang models. These are very simple outfits that's very wearable for the summer season. I know that back in the days when I was in middle school through high school yrs, there were strict attire rules so I chose the pictures that were appropriate for fellow females out there. lol I didn't see a lot of videos that's related to school on the ulzzang category so I hope you will like this video. :b ~Don't forget to comment below, rate the video & Subscribe if yo haven' already~ Song: Mystery Girl By BOB4 Feat. Viki_Dalshabet Copyright Not Intended.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:33
Tags: ulzzang school summer .

The best korean tomboy ulzzang jung da eun / lee tae gyun

The BEST Korean tomboy ulzzang Jung Da Eun / Lee Tae Gyun Jung Da Eun ( aka Lee Tae Kyun Lee Tae Gyun ) is a nomal Korean high school girl she is currrently a model for clothing onlie shop cus of her fashionable / cute look =D
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:03:59
Tags: BEST asian tomboy fashion Jung Eun Lee Tae .

Ulzzang korean fashion style

Ulzzang Korean Fashion Style Kawaii Korean & Japanese Fashion Style ii wish i had all these clothes, don't yhuu? share the love; comment.subscribe.message maybe?
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:00
Tags: Korean Japanese Fashion hot new .

Ulzzang girls and other asian styles

Ulzzang Girls and other Asian styles Made by: AngelicAcid453 song: Wonder Girls "So Hot" Remix by janhuh www.youtube.com [HQ] Wonder Girls "So Hot" Remix [English Subbed Techno Version] by Janhuh www.youtube.com Clothes www.yesstyle.com www.asiajam.com circle lens.blog website www.specktra.net Make up ulzzangirl.blogspot.com hair style myhaircuts.blogspot.com Site about circle contacts lens. www.soompi.com images.google.com Heres a site that define each style images.google.com images.google.com link for the music www.youtube.com How to Guide images.google.com Ulzzang sites www.myspace.com ulzzangsnet.xanga.com www.crunchyroll.com COPYRIGHT STATEMENT. not intended to surpass any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only.
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:02:35
Tags: wonder girls colorful japan spongebob bamba so hot banba anime cute kawii .

Ulzzang for girls ideas/styles/fashion (pictures only)

Ulzzang for Girls Ideas/Styles/Fashion (Pictures Only) Simple video, this is for girls who like Ulzzang and Korean fashion then this is perfect for you. I bought a book from Toronto and it's written in Cantonese and I don't understand it so much so I decided to take pictures and show the cartoons girls to you guys. Basically by looking at the pictures, it shows specific clothes that you should wear and type of hair that fits this style. It just reminded me of Ulzzangs :) There you go. Also the actual pictures like Mikki, Ah Ri, etc... are from Google and belongs to their rightful owners. I don't own anything. Song: Davichi & T-ARA - We Were In Love ♥ Picture: Google, Tumblr, Photobucket, etc... Rightful Owners Bye~ Thanks
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:09
Tags: Ulzzang For Girls .

☁ulzzang spring fashion part 4(final part)☁

☁Ulzzang Spring Fashion Part 4(Final Part)☁ Hey Everyone, First of all i would want to say that I hope that the people in Japan are all right. If you haven't notice a Tsunami and Earthquake has happened in Japan and it hit sort of the whole Pacific area like Hawaii, and I think the West Coast of US I'm not sure Please correct me if I'm wrong, and it's really sobering to see the water just sort of like invading the whole area. I wanted Put this video for them But I think it would be a little weird so I'll let you guy make the choice. So back to the video discussion Yes it's the final part of Spring Ulzzang. I had to get this over with because i felt really bad for the people who requested makeup for me in like months, months, months, and MONTHS!! and i never did that so i ended the Ulzzang but not forever I am still going to do the same thing for Summer Fashions. A QUICK TIP FOR EVERYONE WHO IS REQUESTING MAKEUP SEND ME A PICTURE OR I WILL NOT DO THE MAKEUP TUTORIAL. I NEED TO SEE A PICTURE OF THE CELEB TO DO THE MAKEUP EVEN IF IT IS NATURAL I STILL NEED THE PICTURE :) THESE PHOTO ARE NOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Credits: Dovely clothing store Tumblr (i'm sorry if i can't remember the names for the ppl i got the photos from :( ) GOOGLE - Big Help If I forget to put credits for anything else i'm sorry.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:07
Tags: Ulzzang Kpop Best .

[eng] ulzzang shidae 6 ep 5[1/4]

[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP 5[1/4] No copyright infringement intented! DO NOT MENTION THE NAME OF THIS SHOW IN THE COMMENTS! DO NOT EMBED THIS VIDEO ANYWHERE! Turn on CC to view the subs. The audio might be a bit off sync... Sorry to make you guys wait. It's been a hectic week. I'll post the other parts as soon as I finish them. translated&subtitled by: asphyxiatedhobo.tumblr.com
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:10:30
Tags: ulzzang shidae ulzzang ulzzang shidae 6 .

[eng] ulzzang shidae 6 ep 7 [1/4]

Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:10:30
Tags: ulzzang shidae ulzzang ulzzang shidae 6 .

❃ulzzang spring fashion (2011)❃

❃Ulzzang Spring Fashion (2011)❃ I DO NOT OWN THESE PHOTOS I GOT THEM FROM GOOGLE AND SSANTOKKI'S TUMBLR. Anyway i wanted to give you ideas for Spring. For me personally sometimes Spring gets cold and hot. What i like to wears is a basic top with short and see through leggings. PLEASE SUPPORT MY FRIENDS JEWELRY SHOP!!! angelicjewelry.blogspot.com
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:54
Tags: Ulzzang Goo hara .

*ulzzang guys*

*ulzzang guys* (READ FOR SONG NAME) This is another requested vid =) it's about ulzzang guys they have great fashion styles and there so cute^^ upcoming vids^_^(not in order) asian girls fashion park yong hee 2 tomboys style ulzzang #5 song u-kiss -man man ha ni
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:36
Tags: cute asian guy ulzzang net idols fashion style .

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