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To the extreme

To the extreme I did a smaller stuffing a few hours previously and had a meeting. After the meeting i was still not satisfied and decided to stuff to the extreme this time. Felt so good....I didn't want to stop!
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:02:36
Tags: belly stuffed stomachache .

After a buffet

After a Buffet I got invited to a buffet by a friend... look how big my belly got ... it wasn't bothering me, but it was pretty bloated...i also want to thank all my subscibers, last i checked i had almost 500 , thanks sooo much you guys!!!! Dont forget to comment and rate :)
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:16
Tags: buffet fat bloat .

Pizza belly n_n

Pizza Belly n_n I had just finished eating pizza before I took this video :D. Btw, if you guys are interested in donating food & stuff to me, you can search for my wishlist on Amazon.com Just search my email (burythescenequeen@yahoo.com). Thanks so much :)
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:37
Tags: girl belly stuffer .

Rainy day belly

Rainy Day Belly It was raining today so I basically stayed in and ate all of the delicious food my boyfriend just got from the grocery store! I had countless bowls of cereal, a box of pop tarts, a box of mac and cheese, made and ate a tray of rice crispies, and *hic* he brought home burritos for dinner! I am so stuffed I couldn't do the entire video standing up. My poor belly was aching and yelling at me to let it rest. It's stretched so tight that my boyfriend's gentle hand feels as if it could make my tummy burst! *belch* heehee! =P
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:58
Tags: food stuffed full belly .

After stuffing 1...so full

after stuffing 1...so full i'd just finished...my belly is SO bloated and is starting to hurt..maybe i shouldn't have eaten all of those cookies? i feel kind of sick, so i think i'm going to rest for a little before i chug the water. comment and subscribe! i'd love to get your messages as i keep stuffing tonight as long as i can...
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:00:38
Tags: stuffed belly girl .

Stuffed again

Stuffed again Hello everybody! I stuffed my self and filmed a video of my belly. I drank about 3 liters of water and ate a meal that would've been enough for four people. I have lost a little weight since the last update but it doesn't really show. My stomach was rock-hard. First, I show my normal stuffed belly, then puff it out a little. I felt my skin streching :D
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:00:57
Tags: stuffed belly bloated .

Cant stop stuffing lately!

Cant stop stuffing lately! It just feels so good to be so full and fat! Someone come rub my poor swollen belly :)
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:05:03
Tags: stuffed bloated .

Lotion/more food/bloat/belly play

Lotion/More Food/Bloat/Belly Play so after my subway meal i still wasnt full so i ate a bowl of lucky charms and then drink some coke in the video. I also rubbed my belly with lotion and played with my belly button for those who like that. my tummy feels so good. i really think im starting to get some fat on my tummy :)
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:08:03
Tags: stuffed bloated .

After stuffing: 2l

after stuffing: 2L after the pizza & already 1L of water, i decide to fill myself up with more liquid :D would've drank more, but i was so tired after werking all night me & my full tummy went to sleep :3
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:04:09
Tags: bloat water bloat .

After all day stuffing part 3.wmv

After all day stuffing part 3.wmv OMG I feel my belly soo big and round after another all day eating...i love to feel soo full and see my big belly continue to grow soo big stuffed and bloated...I touch my belly and i feel soo fat ... I'm totaly in weight gain and i could not stop to eat...I love be full and continue to eat...while eaverybody see me stuff my self while my belly grow...
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:59
Tags: Gainer Bigbelly .

Big belly after an half watermelon

Big belly after an half watermelon Uuhhh, I feel really bloated at this point ! My belly is full of fruit, all swollen... and still expanding as I record. But I feel amazing, and want to continue to see how big my belly will get !
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:57
Tags: stuffed belly bloated .

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