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Running of the wieners - wiener dog race

Running of the Wieners - Wiener Dog Race The 1st Annual john morrell running of the Wieners on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. OHto promote Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati
Category: Comedy     Length: 00:00:45
Tags: cincinnati ohio john morrell running .

Our dachshund poncho gets stuck in my sweatshirt

Our dachshund Poncho gets stuck in my sweatshirt My husband and I were painting the nursery today and I heard Poncho whining. I asked my husband if he was outside and he said no and went to see what was wrong. When he called me to come look, this is what I found. He had crawled into my sweatshirt sleeve and got himself completely stuck!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:28
Tags: dogs dachshund .

Wiener dog song

Wiener Dog Song Original song that celebrates the enigmatic, beloved dachshund, featuring video footage and adorable photos of wiener dogs in various poses. Song written and performed by Yet Another String Band. If you want to sing along, here are the song's lyrics: On the sixth day, God created man But earlier that morning, He had another plan He took some spare parts, some looked kinda weird And cooked them for awhile and a wiener dog appeared He had long floppy ears, sausage shaped and brown Stubby little legs and belly dragging on the ground A nose that's made for smellin', where rabbit might be dwellin' But it won't be there for long when a wiener dog's around Some dogs are hairy, and other dogs are small but there's only one dog shaped like a Hebrew National Kilbasic in form. At night they'll keep you warm They're nature's perfect brat. Yes, the Wiener Dog is hot! Thin little tail, that's in constant motion Big, brown eyes, that beg for your devotion Bark so loud it could disperse a riot crowd You best not make a sound When a wiener dog's around Now a wiener dog's a carnivore, which leaves us little doubt That you better watch your back when a wiener dog's about They eat fish, pork and fowl and steaks when they can get 'em So be careful of your hand when you go to pet 'em Wiener dog, wiener dog Everyone loves a wiener dog To make a long story short and a short story long Everybody sing the wiener dog song Wiener dog, wiener dog Everybody loves a wiener dog To make a long story ...
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:11
Tags: puppy dog funny wiener dog dachshund .

Blind weiner dog mini dachshund helen double dapple

Blind weiner dog mini dachshund Helen double dapple Helen wants down out of the chair. Then she gets her toy.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:06
Tags: doxie weiner dog .

Wiener dog riding a skateboard. salchi

Wiener Dog Riding a Skateboard. Salchi This is Salchi, one of my wiener dogs that likes to ride on the skateboard. As soon as I put the board down she jumps right on it. To view pictures of Salchi visit www.ramos-photography.com
Category: Comedy     Length: 00:00:12
Tags: Wiener dog riding a skateboard .

2011 lubbock wiener dog national dachshund race features past champions

2011 Lubbock Wiener Dog National dachshund race features past champions The DT's Jon Arnold reports on the halftime event which saw dogs compete for the right to move on to Wienerschnitzel's event in San Diego.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:01:03
Tags: dog race wiener dog .

Baby dachshund weiner dog weinnie dogs video puppies for sale

baby dachshund weiner dog weinnie dogs video puppies for sale these are all the puppies in the litter. 5 total 4 males and 1 female. write to us it your interested in the puppies at Sproutsoflife@aol.com Both the mom and dad are registered dachshunds.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:36
Tags: baby dachshund weiner .

Dachshund tug of war (two wiener dogs)! funny

Dachshund Tug of War (Two Wiener Dogs)! Funny Our two Dachshund's (Oscar & Chip) playing tug of war!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:16
Tags: funny dog dachshund dachund .

Buda texas wiener dog races

Buda Texas Wiener Dog Races hotdogblog.com This is some footage of the world famous Buda Texas Wiener Dog Races.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:01:32
Tags: dachshund dog dogs .

The movement of dachshund ( wiener dog doxie mix) for sasha

The Movement of Dachshund ( Wiener dog Doxie Mix) For Sasha Just A video I put together for my friend Sasha whom loves the the Doxie's with the help of all the great Dachshund lovers on youtube which made it possible .
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:16
Tags: Music Wiener dog Dachshund .

Doxie derby: wiener dog race at uc davis

Doxie Derby: Wiener Dog Race at UC Davis Doxie Derby: Wiener Dachshund Dog Race at UC Davis Picnic Day on April 18, 2009.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:37
Tags: Doxie Derby Wiener Dog Race Davis Picnic .

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