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Mongolia travel | discover true mongolia tour 2011 photo report

Mongolia Travel | Discover True Mongolia Tour 2011 photo report Lew and Jan from the USA spent 28 days in Mongolia taking a private Discover True Mongolia tour + a short add-on. They made a photo report about their wonderful Mongolia travel and shared with us. Discover True Mongolia tour is the best way to explore Mongolia at its' best without leaving a highlight! For more info visit www.selenatravel.com
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:07:06
Tags: Mongolia travel .

Mongolia - a hidden paradise

Mongolia - A Hidden Paradise Behind-the-scenes exploration of remote western Mongolia. Narrated by Will Lyman from National Geographic. Images from a Tusker Trail trek in western Mongolia.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:10:10
Tags: Mongolia Mongolia Trekking .

Trip to mongolia & traditional music & culture: part 1

Trip To Mongolia & Traditional Music & Culture: Part 1 Travel to Mongolia with Off The Map Tours. Mongolia travel information and tour programmes for cultural holidays, motorcycle trips, mountain biking tours, overland expeditions, horse riding, hiking and trekking vacations in Mongolia. Travel business arranging group tours and individual travel in Mongolia. Visit Mongolia with Off The Map Tours www.mongolia.co.uk
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:05:03
Tags: mongolian music instruments .

Mongolia travel: trekking in west altai.wmv

Mongolia travel: Trekking in West Altai.wmv The high plateau in the west the mountains are preferential places for fanatical trekkers. The trekking ways go through incredible pictorial landscape. Also the everyday life of Nomads and accidental way-crossing of wild animals make your journey here more interesting. Walking through close ravines, river valleys, mountains hills, grass steppes, forests and gentle meadows, and explore thereby wonderful mountains, lakes and having unforgettable sunset. The West Altai is also the habitat of rare species such as Snow leopard, Argali sheep and Ibex.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:07:27
Tags: nature outdoors Mongolia travel: .

Inner mongolia - lonely planet travel video

Inner Mongolia - Lonely Planet Travel Video Experience the rich nomadic lifestyle in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Share in their simple way of life as you stay in the beautiful Gers, unwind, share a meal, ride a horse and feel like a nomad. Produced by Lonelyplanet.tv
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:00:55
Tags: holiday tourism vlog channel adventure community channel Asia Mongolia Michael Kohn .

Mongolia travel blog - the mini gobi (7/9)

Mongolia Travel Blog - The Mini Gobi (7/9) Join Alex and Andrew as they Travel to Mongolia, also known as the land of the blue skies and see what exactly there is to do in this beautiful and yet most sparsely populated country in the world. == On the last day of their 9 day Gobi tour, the group goes horse riding one last time to explore the Mini Gobi and its strange terrain. Filmed with: Kodak Playsport ZX3 Soundtrack: "Everything (Rob Rock Mix)" - Michael Buble "Carry Me Through" - Yat-Kha
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:02:36
Tags: mongolia travel blog .

Russia trip (1 of 3) - china, mongolia, siberia, baikal, bam, yakutsk

Russia Trip (1 of 3) - China, Mongolia, Siberia, Baikal, BAM, Yakutsk After I finished uni I took 11 weeks to travel to the most remote parts of the world I could think of. This section covers the trip from Sydney through Beijing to Ulaan Baatar overland, then to the far western region of Mongolia before crossing the border by speeding Corolla to central Siberia. I took a series of trains east past Lake Baikal, through Tynda to Yakutsk, where, half way, I prepared to hitchhike to Magadan. Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3: www.youtube.com
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:11:09
Tags: travel adventure .

Travel mongolia - see extraordinary natural features

Travel Mongolia - See Extraordinary Natural Features travelmongolia360.com - Experience firsthand the unique way of life of the nomadic people. It's only a simple step to fall in love with the spirit of Mongolia. The world's final frontier for real adventure travel.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:29
Tags: travel_mongolia .

China travel - border crossing to mongolia part 1

China Travel - Border Crossing to Mongolia part 1 From Beijing to the border of Mongolia, this story follows a foreigner needing to extend his multiple entry visa. The goal is to get in and out of Mongolia in one piece, and return with enough time to catch the bus back home. In the first episode of the Border Crossing series, we follow Anthony as he rides the train from Beijing to Mongolia in order to extend his visa. If you Enjoyed this video, stop by our Chinese language learning website and get other language learning content including other great videos like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. Join the friendly community of learners at ‪www.ChineseClass101.com, and start mastering Chinese today! http
Category: Education     Length: 00:02:10
Tags: learn chinese language .

Mongolia tour with dimsum travel 2011

Mongolia tour with DimSum Travel 2011 This is my video from the Tour with DimSum Travels. It's goes from ulan bator to khovgol lake, to the gobi dessert. We saw the famous Nadaam Festival. Mongolia is a beautiful country with really friendly people.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:19:51
Tags: Mongolia dimsum Travel .

Mongolian traditional music tsam masked dance & mongolia travel tours and holidays

Mongolian Traditional Music Tsam Masked Dance & Mongolia Travel Tours and Holidays Travel to Mongolia with Off The Map Tours. Mongolia travel tour operators offering travel information about Mongolia and tour holiday programmes including cultural tour vacations, off road enduro motorcycle tours, mountain biking and cycling vacations, overland expedition trips, horse back riding treks,hiking and trekking tours in Mongolia.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:03:25
Tags: Travel to Mongolia .

Help for heroes horse riding charity challenge trip in mongolia

Help For Heroes Horse Riding Charity Challenge Trip in Mongolia A group of brave participants came to Mongolia to complete a challenging week long horse trek in the remote mountains of Central Mongolia. They raised tens of thousands of pounds for the UK charity Help For Heroes who help soldiers wounded in support of their country. www.mongolia.co.uk Mongolia horse riding trek in Central Mongolia. Experience Mongolia on horseback, riding with Mongolian nomadic horsemen in the mountains of Mongolia. Equestrian vacations in Mongolia. Travel to Mongolia and enjoy riding horses and camping in Mongolia.
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:03:22
Tags: Mongolia Help For Heroes .

Mongolia travel photos

Mongolia Travel photos Mongolia travel info, adventure and nature travel offers. Travel to the gobi desert, grassland safari, horseback and camel riding trips. www.MongoliaTravels.com
Category: Travel & Events     Length: 00:04:33
Tags: Mongolia adventure .

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