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Surat al-fatiha (#1) "the opening"

Surat Al-Fatiha (#1) Surat Al-Fatiha was the first complete Surah which was revealed to Muhammed (Allah's peace be upon him). Before this, only a few miscellaneous verses were revealed which form parts of `ALAQ, MUZ-ZAMMIL, MUD-DATH-THIR, etc. This Surah is the prayer which is uttered by all Muslims every single day, in every repetition of prayer. Allah SWT referred to this in Ayat 15:87, "And We have bestowed upon thee the Seven Oft-repeated (verses) and the Grand Qur'an." Recitation of Surat Al-Fatiha is supposed to bring relief to the sick person, if it is Allah's will. Muhammed SAS Said: "If anyone observes prayer in which he does not recite Umm al-Qur'an (ie Surat Al Fatiha), It is deficient [he said this three times] and not complete. Muhammed SAS said: "Allah the Exalted had said: 'I have divided the prayer into two halves between Me and My servant, and My servant will receive what he asks. When the servant says: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe, Allah the Most High says: My servant has praised Me. And when he (the servant) says: The Most Compassionate, the Merciful, Allah the Most High says: My servant has lauded Me. And when he (the servant) says: Master of the Day of judgment, He remarks: My servant has glorified Me. and sometimes He would say: My servant entrusted (his affairs) to Me. And when he (the worshipper) says: Thee do we worship and of Thee do we ask help, He (Allah) says: This is between Me and My servant, and My servant will receive what he asks for. Then ...
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The best fatiha, www.facebook.com/alhabty

THE BEST FATIHA, www.facebook.com/ALHABTY www.facebook.com modevictoire@hotmail.fr available in MP3: www.4shared.com
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Sura al-fatihah compilation | 13 different recitors

Sura Al-Fatihah Compilation | 13 Different Recitors Thirteen different recitations of the greatestchapter of the Glorious Holy Qur'an - Sura al-Fatihah. Recitors are (in order): Ahmed Al-Ajmy Nabil Ar-Rifa'i Nasir Al-Qatami Mishary Al-Afasi Maher Al-Me'aqli fahd al-kanderi Salah Bukhatir Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Mohammad Al-Lohaidan Hani Ar-Rifai Fares Abbad Saad Al-Ghamdi Narrated Abu Said bin Al-Mu'alla: While I was praying, Allah's Apostle passed me and called me, but I did not go to him until I had finished the prayer. Then I went to him, and he said, "What prevented you from coming to me? Didn't Allah say:-- "O you who believe! Answer the call of Allah (by obeying Him) and His Apostle when He calls you?" He then said, "I will inform you of the greatest sura in the Qur'an before I leave (the mosque)." When Allah's Apostle got ready to leave (the mosque), I reminded him. He said, "It is: 'Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.' (ie surat-al-Fatiha) As-sab'a Al-Mathani (the seven repeatedly recited Verses)." [Sahih Bukhari, Book #60, Hadith #170] For translation of the Qur'an, visit: www.islamicity.com For an in-depth commentary of each chapter of the Qur'an, visit: www.tafsir.com For a short commentary on each chapter of the Qur'an, visit: www.islamicity.com To listen to the Qur'an recitation and read the Qur'an, visit: www.quranexplorer.com May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you
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Surat al-fatiha

Surat Al-Fatiha Name: This Surah is named Al-Fatiha because of its subject-matter. Fatihah is that which opens a subject or a book or any other thing. In other words, Al-Fatihah is a sort of preface. Verses: This Surah has a total of 7 verses. Period of Revelation: It is one of the very earliest Revelations to the Holy Prophet. As a matter of fact, we learn from authentic Traditions that it was the first complete Surah which was revealed to Muhammed (PBUH). Before this, only a few miscellaneous verses were revealed which form parts of Surah Alaq, Muzzammil, Muddathir, etc. Theme: This Surah is in fact a prayer which Allah has taught to all those who want to make a study of his book. It has been placed at the very beginning of the book to teach this lesson to the reader: if you sincerely want to benefit from the Quran, you should offer this prayer to the Lord of the Universe. This preface is meant to create a strong desire in the heart of the reader to seek guidance from the Lord of the Universe, who alone can grant it. Thus Al-Fatiha indirectly teaches that the best thing for a man is to pray for guidance to the straight path, to study the Quran with the mental attitude of a seeker-after-truth and to recognize the fact that the Lord of the Universe is the source of all knowledge. He should, therefore, begin the study of the Quran with a prayer to him for guidance. From this theme, it becomes clear that the real relation between Al-Fatiha and the Quran is not that of an introduction to a ...
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Quran: surat al-fatiha, al-balad and al-mulk.. by mishary al-afasy.. ((english subtitles included))

Quran: Surat Al-Fatiha, Al-Balad and Al-Mulk.. By Mishary Al-Afasy.. ((English Subtitles included)) Quran recitation by Mishary Al-Afasy.. Surat Al-Fatiha, Al-Balad and Al-Mulk, with English Subtitles.. This Video was made by my Cousin Maryam.. Please Rate and comment..
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Sura al fatihah

Sura Al Fatihah This is the first sura of the Quran. It is the most often recited sura in Islam. It is the sura that Muslims recite in their obligatory prayers.
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The greatest recitation of surat al-fatiha - fahd al-kanderi

THE GREATEST RECITATION OF SURAT AL-FATIHA - FAHD AL-KANDERI I DIDNT MAKE THE TAFSEER! · The saying of the Exalted, 'not the Path of those who have earned Your Anger, nor of those that went astray': the majority of the scholars of tafseer said that 'those who have earned Your Anger' are the Jews, and 'those that went astray' are the Christians, and their is the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) reported from Adee bin Haatim (RA) concerning this{5}. And the Jews and the Christians even though both of them are misguided and both of them have Allaah's Anger on them - the Anger is specified to the Jews, even though the Christians share this with them, because the Jews knew the truth and rejected it and deliberately came with falsehood, so the Anger (of Allaah being upon them) was the description most befitting them. And the Christians were ignorant, not knowing the truth, so misguidance was the description most befitting them. So with this the saying of Allaah, 'so they have drawn on themselves anger upon anger' (2:90) clarifies that the Jews are those that 'have earned your Anger'. And likewise His sayings, 'Say: shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allaah: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allaah and His Anger' (5:60) fahd al-kanderi recites Surat Al-Fatihah very beautiful slide show with pictures and subtitles in english!
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Sheikh tablawi live - surat al fatiha + baqarah check it out

Sheikh Tablawi LIVE - Surat Al Fatiha + Baqarah CHECK IT OUT Masha'Allah, Allahu Akbar Shaykh Tablawi At His Best, This Is Very Very Rare, A Beautiful Recitation Of Surah Al Fatiha And The Start Of Surat Al Baqarah, Taken From One Of His Rare Recordings CDs Of The 70's And 80's, Which I Just Got From Egypt (Omm El Dunya), I Have A Few More CDs Which I Will Upload Soon Insha'Allah Shaykh Tablawi (In My Opinion) Is ONE Of The Best Shaykhs (In Terms Of Recitation) Of The Last 100 Years, Mustafa Ismael, Abdul basit, Mohammmed Rifat, Tablawi, Minshawi Mohammed Jibril Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Recitors. I Would Say That Mustafa Ismael Is Currently My Favorite Recitor, Which I Forgot To Include In My Top 5, Insha'Allah I Will Upload Some His Recitations, Allah Akbar, Praises To Allah For The Quran And For Islam, Masha'Allah, Please Rate It, Give It 5!
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Best surat al fatiha & al adiyaat in warsh (qari youssef)

Best Surat Al fatiha & Al Adiyaat in WARSH (Qari Youssef) isha prayer lead by young moroccan qari ( youssef edghouch ) at masjid IIOC ,California, USA. Reciting with amazing voice masha allah Surat Al-Fatiha & al-Adiyat in WARSH style (riwayah). make sure you SUBSCRIBE insha allah. Remember us in your dua'a ,jazakumu allahu khaira.
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Mishary alafasy surat al-fatiha (مشاري, الفاتحة)

Mishary Alafasy Surat Al-Fatiha (مشاري, الفاتحة) Masha allah, A beautiful recitation by sheikhna Mishary Alafasy of Surat Al-Fatiha. He has a beautiful voice.
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Surat al-fatihah by muhammad al7aidan awesome!

Surat al-fatihah by Muhammad al7aidan awesome! a brother asked me to upload this video.. translation
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Beautiful recitation of sura al-fatiha - mohammad al-barrak.

Beautiful recitation of Sura Al-Fatiha - Mohammad Al-Barrak. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم This is the first video to be uploaded for this new channel. It will serve as a channel Icon/Logo. I thought it would be a great start to include this beautiful recitation of the Sura Al-Fatiha [الفاتحة] The first Sura [The Opening] of the Glorious Holy Quran. Recited by a young man by the name of Mohammad Al-Barrak. May Allah make make our efforts successful, and grant his blessings in this life and the hereafter to all the brothers and sisters who help out in Dawah to Allah's chosen religion and the best way of life through Islam. Dear brothers and sisters: Please help us spread this channel by recommending it to all your friends, and if possible featuring this intruductory clip on your yourtube VLOG. Salaam!
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Sura al fatiha

Sura AL FATIHA Sura Al-Fatiha (Arabic: سورة الفاتحة‎, Sūratu al-Fātihah, "The Opening") is the first chapter of the Muslim holy book, the Qur'an. Its seven verses are a prayer for God's guidance and stress the lordship and mercy of God. This chapter has a special role in daily prayers, being recited at the start of each unit of prayer. When recited during daily prayers, some schools of thought follow Al-Fatihah by the word Amin. Notes: The first verse, transliterated as "bismillāhir rahmānir rahīm", may be familiar to non-Arabic speakers and non-Muslims because of its ubiquity in Arabic and Muslim societies. This verse appears at the start of every chapter in the Qur'an with the exception of the ninth chapter. The verse is normally said before reciting a chapter or part of a chapter during daily prayer, and also before public proclamations and indeed before many personal and everyday activities in many Arabic and Muslim societies as a way to invoke God's blessing and proclaim one's motives before an undertaking. The two words "ar rahmān" and "ar rahīm" are often translated in English as "the beneficent" and "the merciful" or "the generous" and "the merciful." They are often also translated as superlatives, for example, "the most generous" and "the most merciful". Grammatically the two words "rahmaan" and "raheem" are different linguistic forms of the triconsonantal root RHM, connoting "mercy". The form "rahmaan" denotes degree or extent, ie, "most merciful," while "raheem" denotes time ...
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