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210 gallon south american cichlid community

210 gallon South American cichlid community This should actually be called the Heros tank. All of the fish in here are a variety of Heros (severum) with the exception of a young parrot cichlid (Hoplarchus psittacus) and a chocolate cichlid (Hypselecara temporalis). The complete fish list includes: 1 super red severum (Heros efasciatus 'Super Red') 1 gold severum (Heros efasciatus 'Gold') 1 green/turquoise severum (Heros efasciatus) 1 rotkeil severum (Heros sp. 'rotkeil') 1 Atabapo severum (Heros sp. 'Atabapo') 6 notatus severums (Heros notatus) 1 chocolate cichlid (Hypselecara temporalis) 1 parrot cichlid (Hoplarchus psittacus)
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:18
Tags: cichlid parrot chocolate south american cichlids .

South american cichlid aquarium - 30.10.2010

South american cichlid aquarium - 30.10.2010 Freshwater south american cichlid aquarium. 150*50*60cm 450l with 5 Cichlasoma dimerus, 6 Geophagus sp. "tapajos red head", 10+ Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki, Hemiancistrus subviridis (L200), Baryancistrus sp. (L81) and Ancistrus sp. (L71.) Tank data as of 30.10.2010: - Volume: 450l 150*50*60c...
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:04:27
Tags: freshwater aquarium south american cichlid cichlasoma dimerus geophagus tapajos red head .

55 gallon south american cichlid tank

55 Gallon South American Cichlid Tank This exquisite display of exotic tropical fish features a Salvini, Blue Eyed Convict Hybrid, Green Terror, Texas, 3 Firemouths, Managuense, Leopard Puffer, Figure 8 Puffer, and a pleco that eats all their poop. Natural river rocks, stone, and live plants really enhance the beauty of this freshwater aquatic community. There is also a 250gph and a 150gph powerhead creating fantastic current throughout the entirety of the tank. The 12" under gravel airstone provides as much oxygen as an artificial lung. And we've topped it off with a unique illumination system that adds a sun kissed glow, bringing out the vibrant colors of these fine specimen.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:03:43
Tags: fish cichlid cichlids tropical plants rocks aquarium tank .

South american cichlid, community tank [hd]

South American Cichlid, Community Tank [HD] 75 gallon aquarium stocked with: Angelfish Keyhole Cichlids Bolivian Ram Cichlids Swordtails Cardinal Tetras Panda Corys Otos Rubbernose Plecos The Silver Veiltail Angelfish is caring for a newly spawned clutch of eggs. A video showing the spawn of this clutch can be found in my video listing. Plants in this aquarium are: Hygro siamensis Amazon sword Java fern Philippine java fern Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia Echinodorus tenellus Ceratopteris siliquosa Cryptocoryne ciliata Rubin sword Cryptocoryne mi ova Apologies for the sound.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:07:29
Tags: South American Cichlid Tank Compilation .

My south american cichlids tank aquarium 120 gallon in colombia (ciclidos americanos 520 litros)

My South American Cichlids Tank Aquarium 120 Gallon In Colombia (Ciclidos Americanos 520 Litros) My south american cichlids 120 Gallons 160x50x70 With Sump dimensions 160x40x42 With 8 compartments Resun King 3 2400L/H Resun Light (Moon,Rising Sun, DayLight) Inhabitants: 1 Mexican Oscar (Here in Colombia they call it that way) 1 Green Terror (Aequidens Rivulatus) 1 Fire Mouth 1 Salvini 1 Crenicichla 1 Flower Horn 1 Jack Dempsey 1 Heros Severus 1 Chocolate
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:03:30
Tags: american cichlid bogota colombia ciclidos amricanos .

South american dwarf cichlids

South American Dwarf Cichlids Video explaining the needs and methods of care for dwarf cichlids from South America. The fish in this video are much smaller than many of the cichlids commonly kept in tropical fish tanks and most species of south american dwarf cichlids will not exceed 9cm (males). Cichlids below 10cm are generally considered to be dwarf varieties. Although dwarf cichlids are found in a variety of habitats throughout South America, generally speaking most will prefer pH below 7 and soft water to show best colouration and be most content. Bogwood, peat balls, almond leaves, oak leaves and alder cones are natural ways to reduce the pH and soften water in a home aquarium. All of these natural treatments may stain the water a light brown, which adds to the authentic look of an 'Amazon tank'. Most of the South American dwarf cichlids will use caves to breed in but some (including blue ram) are classed as 'open spawners' and prefer to lay their eggs on curled up leaves eg almond or oak in an aquarium. Almond and oak leaves have natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which leach out into the water, protecting the eggs and help to acheive a better hatch rate. A good dwarf cichlid aquarium set-up would generally include a sand substrate, bogwood and plants. Natural tankmates include corydoras, tetra species, small plec species (and angelfish or discus in a large tank). Whilst generally very peaceful fish, all dwarf cichlids will defend their eggs and fry from other tankmates so it is ...
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:08:58
Tags: south american dwarf cichlid apistogramma agassizi cacatuoides inca elizabethae tropical fish tank practical fishkeeping electric blue ram .

South american cichlids in 75 gallon.

South American Cichlids in 75 gallon. Comments PLEASE! Inside is a brown common pleco, Chocolate, severum, red tiger oscar, convict, jack dempsey, and a black featherfin. All great and happy fish. Love me and strangers even more when u have food!!!!!!!Please leave rating or comments bad or good it's ok. Thanx for the input.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:05:26
Tags: mediasmart .

South american cichlids with jewels and tiger barbs (lg)

South American Cichlids with Jewels and Tiger Barbs (LG) 75 Gallon with 2 - Green Terrors (2-3 months), 2 - Jack Dempseys (2-3 months), 3 - Jewels (1.5 yrs.) (rivers of west africa), and 5 - Tiger Barbs (LG). 2 - Aqueon 75 (400gph each), 1 - Top Fin air pump 4000, 1 - Aqueon Circulation Pump 700 (700gph), 1 - VISI-THERM Marineland 300watt heater and 1 - Marineland Eclipse Natural Day Light 48'. I had these fish in my 75 gallon mixed African Cichlid bow front but had to get them their own tank cause of their diet and future size. The Jewels should fit in just fine with the high protein diet and a lower ph from African Cichlids. Tank was set up Jan 2012. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or give advise.
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:06
Tags: american cichlid Fish Aquarium south .

African and south american cichlid mix in a 55 gallon aquarium

African and South American Cichlid Mix in a 55 gallon aquarium My 55 gallon tank mixed with Lake Victoria, Malawi, and south american cichlids! Veija Regani, Zebra Obliquidens, Punamilia Nyererei MAKOBE Island, Electric Yellow, Red Zebra, Convict, Blue Zebra? (not sure), 3 Red Jewels, Bristlenose Pleco Filtration: Emperor 400, Aquaclear 110, and homemade powerhead water polisher/filter Still working on the rock layout, it's always a work in progress. Watch in HIGH QUALITY!
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:00:57
Tags: Cichlids African South American Cichlids Malawi Lake Victoria Fish 55 gallon aquarium .

240 gallon south american cichlid rescue tank

240 Gallon South American Cichlid Rescue Tank This work in progress will some day be my primary display tank. Currently houses several Cichlid rescues. Forgot to mention I do 50% water changes twice a week and struggle to keep nitrates lower than 20ppm. If you want to see a different vid of the same tank check out www.youtube.com
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:02:01
Tags: cichlid sa cichlid large aquarium fish tank aquarium natural aquarium freshwater freshwater aquarium .

My south american cichlid tank

My South American Cichlid Tank Jack Dempsey, Jaguar, Flowerhorn, 2 african catfish, 1 eclipse catfish, Raphael catfish hiding inside skull, 1 crown jewel cichlid 55 gallon tank 4 filters going and bubble stone
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:03:34
Tags: fish cichlid tank gallon water south american .

Central and south american cichlid aquarium

Central and South American Cichlid Aquarium Watch in (HD) for best quality A short video of my Central and south american cichlids, Green Terror Firemouth Jaguar Tiger Oscar Convict(s) Salvini Earth Eater Pleco
Category: Pets & Animals     Length: 00:00:51
Tags: Green Terror Firemouth Jaguar .

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