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Shotgun patterning: 00 buckshot, short barrel, close range

Shotgun Patterning: 00 Buckshot, Short Barrel, Close Range Testing shotgun patterning at close range (7, 5 and 3 meters). Ammo: 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch shell 00 buckshot (9 pellets) Shotgun: Akkar Terminator 13.5 inch barrel This video was made for informational purposes and for the viewer's appreciation.
Category: Education     Length: 00:04:12
Tags: shotgun pattern .

Remington 870 short barrel

Remington 870 Short Barrel This is a video of me shooting a Remington 870 Short barrel shotgun. Rate, Comment, Subscribe.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:45
Tags: Remington Marines .

Ugb25 - short barrel recoil

UGB25 - Short Barrel Recoil Tradition and Innovation The Beretta semiautomatic UGB25 Xcel features an innovative locking system with break-open barrel that allows operation in complete safety during competitions. Unlike conventional fixed-barrel semiautomatic shotguns, this new type of break-open design enables the shooter to move from one firing station to another while allowing others to see the gun clearly in "safe" mode with an open action. The second round is not hidden from view inside the magazine tube, but is always visible in its side cartridge carrier. The low-set single barrel offers the advantage of maintaining the same point of impact of the second shot exactly in line with that of the first shot, thus ensuring excellent performance.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:10
Tags: Gold Sporting .

Serbu super shorty 12 gauge shotgun sawed off shotgun aow nfa sbs short barreled

Serbu Super Shorty 12 gauge shotgun Sawed off shotgun AOW NFA SBS short barreled This was filmed at the JBTrading Co. machinegun shoot 5/22/2010. Several people enjoying the shorty shotgun...
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:00:39
Tags: Serbu sawed off shotgun AOW pistol .

Kel-tec short barreled ksg

Kel-Tec Short Barreled KSG Kel-tec's New Short Barreled KSG. Check out the new trigger actuator; promises to solve any cycling problems
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:39
Tags: shooting hunting short barrel Kel-tec .

Doublestar corp. short barrel rifle - shot show 2012

DoubleStar Corp. Short Barrel Rifle - SHOT Show 2012 Get Firearms Guide DVD at www.firearmsguide.com - Presentation of DoubleStar Corp. Short Barrel Rifle at the SHOT Show 2012
Category: Sports     Length: 00:01:04
Tags: shot show 2012 1911 rifle pistol shotgun firearms tactical AK47 ak-47 kalashnikov hunt hunting ACP auto arms shooting target sniper automatic 9mm full firing bullpup colt ruger assault carbine gun guns air handgun .

Short shotgun patterns (870 sbs/stoeger sawed-off)

Short Shotgun Patterns (870 SBS/Stoeger Sawed-off) Second part to my last Short barrel shotgun video. Features a 12.5" Remington 870, a 11" Stoeger Uplander, and a Benelli M4. Patterns at 5/10/20 yards. Ammo is Remington Reduced Recoil 00 Buck.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:03:48
Tags: Short barrel shotgun .

"short barrel cool for the 10/22" by nutnfancy

A wicked barrel mod by Nutnfancy. Shown is a legal, non-SBR (short barreled rifle) mod to my TAPCO Nutnfancy RunNGun 10/22. The TAPCO 10/22 stock is excellent with outstanding ergos, lightweight, solid mounting upper handguard, rails, and good colorations. I would recommend the addition of side-mounted Picatinny rails in future versions for light mounting (I fitted a small polymer Streamlight Tactical Illuminator mount on this Intrafuse stock). Blind pinned and welded on, the excellent Phantom 5C2 flash suppressor makes a sick addition to the DuraCoated gun. Barrel is now stubby 16 inches, on par with the factory 10/22 Compact (shown in comparison). Also added is a Power Custom extended bolt handle to improve ergonomics and speed. These mods make the gun cooler, shorter, lighter, and even faster in action than before.
Category: Education     Length: 00:02:57
Tags: spikes tactical review long small duracoat run and .

12.5" tactical 870 12ga (hd)

12.5 Remington 870 Express - Form 1 Short barrel shotgun. - 12.5" barrel. Short LOP Hougue Stock GG&G - sling loup, extended safety, magazine follower. Mesa - Side saddle, top rail Micro Aimpoint Surefire forend
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:03:11
Tags: Remington 870 Express police short barrel .

Saiga short barrel with drum ultimate zombie shotgun.mp4

Saiga Short Barrel with Drum Ultimate Zombie Shotgun.mp4 Saiga Short Barrel with 20 rounds loaded in drum. Ultimate Zombie Shotgun. www.reactiontoviolence.com www.spartacuscombatives.com
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:15
Tags: shooting Zombie .

Less lethal 50 cal. short barrel

Less Lethal 50 cal. Short Barrel Here is Lamperd's Less Lethal 50 caliber semi automatic with our short barrel. Various magazines are available. To watch a slide show on the research behind our Wasp material paste this link below into your browser: www.lamperdlesslethal.com Click on the Wasp slide show link, then click each page of the index to the left. www.lamperdlesslethal.com
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:00:16
Tags: semi automatic Less Lethal caliber .

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