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Med-large senegalese twists in long island!!!

Med-large Senegalese twists in Long island!!! Hair- 100% kanekalon jumbo braid, color 1b Duration- 8 hrs Location- East meadow, NY
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Tutorial: side bun with senegalese twists

Tutorial: Side Bun With Senegalese Twists Here's a tutorial for a side bun with the Senegalese twist! Rate, subscribe, comment! Follow me on instagram: xo_kesaine
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Washing my scalp while in senegalese twists

Washing My Scalp While In Senegalese Twists This method gets my scalp nice and clean while leaving the rest of my hair moisturized. If you want to cleanse all of your hair and not just your scalp, then like I said in the video you can do an ACV rinse or even pour diluted shampoo all over your head. If you do the diluted shampoo pour I would suggest you deep conditioned afterwards though.
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Senegalese twists! my experience and tips

Senegalese Twists! My experience and tips my experience with my first set of Senegalese twists! Hope you guys enjoy! Leave a comment and I'll get back to you! xoxo Follow Me On: Twitter: @theMISSinMAC Instagram: prettyybrownbrown
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Senegalese twists on virgin afro hair

SENEGALESE TWISTS ON VIRGIN AFRO HAIR PRE-ORDER your detailed DVD on this technique by calling us On (+44) 1702 339 858. Or email info@woldofbraiding.com. Or visit our website www.worldofbraiding.com For current updates follow our blogs www.worldofbraiding.wordpress.com for more information.
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Kinky & senegalese twists

Kinky & Senegalese Twists $85 - Kinky Twists $85 - Senegalese Twists Start with a twist or braid (optional) Shanna Personal Hair Stylist 267.206.5151 shannahaircare@gmail.com facebook.com/shannahaircare
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Senegalese twist & kinky twist ( what is the difference? )

Senegalese Twist & Kinky Twist ( What Is The difference? ) T-Shirt Store : www.zazzle.com Blog: www.hairstylings101.blogspot.com This Video is a quick overview of the difference between senegalese twist and kinky twist. Key When doing Senegalese Twist use braiding hair ( Kanekalon ) When doing Kinky twist use( Marley hair) or (Jamaican braid) Senegalese twist are typically longer than kinky twist Any questions email at @ hairstylings101@live.com
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Senegalese twists/how to guide your braider

Senegalese Twists/How to guide your braider In this video,I DISCUSSED MY FRUSTRATION AND BOREDOM WITH MY NATURAL HAIR, HENCE THE NEED TO PUT IT AWAY FROM EXCESSIVE MANIPULATION I am sure I am not alone. One does get tired of twists, braids , twists out and so on and so forth. To avoid doing something damaging to my hair, I decided to protect it from ME by adding extensions. This is not a long term plan. It is a cure for an issue at hand. I also discussed my experience at the Braider's shop. I gave tips on what to tell your Braiders to avoid a traumatic experience. Extensions can help protect hair and help retain length if they are done right. I plan on keeping these for at least 6 weeks, maybe 8 weeks but no more than 8 weeks. Information on hair Name of company: Super X Braid Prize$5:00 How many packs I used:1.5 Next video will be on maintenance:washing conditioning and moisturizing. Stay tuned Blog www.coilybella.com
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Senegalese twists /rope twists info.

SENEGALESE TWISTS /ROPE TWISTS INFO. Email: SaraiMommy@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com Follow me on instagram :: Beauty_queen1128 thanks for watching i love your guys!!
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#15- senegalese twists update

#15- Senegalese Twists update Please rate. Just an update on my Senegalese twists.
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☆22☆ senegalese twist style tutorial.

☆22☆ Senegalese Twist Style Tutorial. So my FIRST hair tutorial, This is just a quick and simple 5 minute up-do style with the Senegalese twists. This style can be adapted to any hairstyle like braids, yarn braids, kinky twists so give it a try guys! God bless you all!
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Senegalese twists tutorial 1

Senegalese Twists Tutorial 1 This is my 3rd time twisting my hair w/Senegalese Twists. Figured I'd make a how-to video for those of you w/hair like mine!! I'm using a different type of hair than the other tutorials I've seen on here. I just made this video so I will be posting part 2 probably in a few hours...lol...and the finished product in a couple days (it's only me working on it!!) FEEL FREE to leave any questions you have! Enjoy, stay tuned for more and I hope this helps!!! :)))
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