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Sema e813 demonstration of lack of cogging torque

SEMA E813 Demonstration of Lack of Cogging Torque This is a demonstration of the lack of cogging torque in a SEMA motor/generator using an E813. The E813 has a 130 KW continuous rating and an intermediate rating of 160 KW for up to an hour. Built with newer materials and design techniques, 160 KW or greater is a reasonable estimate of its potential continuous rating. The fact that the shaft keeps spinning after being spun by hand for minutes may not be impressive to someone not familiar with high power generators, but being able to spin it by hand at ALL at that power range is very impressive. Normally, the generator wants to cog to a given location and you cannot overcome that cogging by hand. Note that the shaft movement looks a bit jumpy right at the end, but that is due to the video compression and not the E813. The movement of the shaft is completely smooth. The speaker misspeaks when he says there is "practically no cogging torque". The qualification is not necessary, as there is literally ZERO cogging torque.
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Motor generator

Motor Generator A small tape drive motor used as a generator. Because of the magnet configuration there is no "cogging" and the generator is very easy to turn. Sure, it isn't the most efficient design for a generator, but what good is an efficient generator if your prime mover cannot turn it? Motors of this type would make excellent small wind-power plants for demonstration purposes.
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First roto verter tryout

First Roto Verter tryout Just got these two newly 0.75KW 230v 3.3Amp 3-phase motors for roto verter test of hho altenator tests. This is the simplest roto verter schema, from the 3 phase wires of the motor, two are connector to the AC power source and the third wire is connected to the ac cap(s) other cap side is connected to power source. Schema suggested 36uF this first test run was with 54uF. While uploaded tested with 36uF and got 77v 0.1Amp :)
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Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 1 of 3.(thedaftman)

Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 1 of 3.(TheDaftman) Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 1 of 3. For you that have asked for a copy of the diagram please see link below. You will need Microsoft Office to open it and print. www.mediafire.com If anyone would like to discuss any of my work or videos I have now set up a forum. Forum name is: The Energy Experimenting People. Teep for short. Anyway this is the link please come and join me. teep.forumco.com
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Running an alternator as a motor

Running an alternator as a motor Running an alternator as a motor crazyfishfarmer.com
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300 watt bike pedal power generator - free power, almost..

300 watt Bike Pedal Power Generator - Free Power, almost.. www.gotwind.org Worlds most efficient pedal powered generator I believe, made for £100 ($150).
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Free energy # 21 self running kapanadze (kapagen) free energy device replication

FREE ENERGY # 21 Self Running Kapanadze (Kapagen) Free Energy Device Replication FREE ENERGY 21 Kapanadze Free Energy Device Replication A Georgia Republic inventor, Tariel Kapanadze, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source. The components apparently include a radiator buried in the ground, a wire to a water pipe, a Tesla coil/joule thief, a spark gap, transformer, capacitors, 5 ferrite cores from old TV HV transformers, and some other unidentified components. In this video show to replicate the device. It is self running without external power source after it start. Detail Information available at : freeenergynews.com peswiki.com www.energeticforum.com www.energeticforum.com jnaudin.free.fr You will awakening after watch all below free movies. OPEN EYES. More Free Energy Videos. www.youtube.com Must watch Free videos (Wake Up Video) : video.google.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com
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Matsuura maxia: v8 engine block machined from solid

Matsuura Maxia: V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid on a Matsuura 5 axis MAM72-63V CNC state of the art Machine Tool
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The simplest motor in the world

The simplest motor in the world A motor made only by a copper wire and a neodymium magnet. It uses one AAA battery but it can be done with AA one too. It's a simple motor, but unfortunately is not an efficient one, the battery drains quickly and heats up. Warning: Be careful if you try to do this, the copper wire can get very hot and burn your fingers. Be sure that the wire can move freely and not touches battery poles being stuck..
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12v - 36v 65a pwm pulse width modulator hho hydrogen generator pc board (new design test)

12V - 36V 65A PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR HHO HYDROGEN GENERATOR PC BOARD (New Design Test) 12V - 36V 65A PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR HHO HYDROGEN GENERATOR PC BOARD (New Design Test) Running at 12V. Using a PWM that I recently designed with current & temperature limiting and high frequency variable duty cycle pulse width modulator. Used two pieces of aluminum for anode and cathode. Making hydrogen gas and oxygen gas from water. Very efficient circuit.
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Hard drive motor

Hard Drive Motor Visit wingzero.ath.cx for the schematic and information! - This is a three-phase BLDC motor from a 5-1 half-height hard drive assembly. I've done my own driver circuit for it, running closed loop with no current limiting.
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Auto na vodu - hybrid - hho generator smanjio potrošnju goriva 21%

Auto na vodu - HYBRID - HHO generator smanjio potrošnju goriva 21% Vrlo jednostavno i lako uz malo truda možete i vi svoj auto preurediti da se vozite na vodu umjesto goriva.... tj. na plin koji dobivate iz vode... HHO. Da se odmah razumijemo, ne vozi samo na vodu, nego koristi i gorivo.. Ovaj vikend sam ga testirao i smanjio mi je potrošnju 21%. Sa potrošnje od 6,41 L na 100 km, smanjio mi je potrošnju na 5,07 L na 100 km.. Vrlo sam zadovoljan pošto se radi o malom generatoru ( 21elektroda, 8x5 cm, 2+ i 3- sa potrošnjom od cca 20A ). Znači ako je rezervoar 30 L do sada mi je radijus kretanja bio 468 km, a sada je 591. što znači 123 km besplatne vožnje po rezervoaru. Sutra krećem sa izradom većeg....heheh...
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Orthokitebunch (kite electricity generator;éolienne cerf-volant)

OrthoKiteBunch (kite electricity generator;éolienne cerf-volant) pagesperso-orange.fr OrthoKiteBunch is a new method for a gigawatt kite electricity generator,with a 2,5 km² swept area and less than 1 km² land occupation,or for a smaller installation. OrthokiteBunch links two new concepts.OrthoKite concept:constant and optimal orthogonal force on one lever arm then the opposite lever arm.KiteBunch concept:kite lines converge,so the kites can be superimposed to capture a full area without space loss (it is not really possible with a conventional train of kites).Two relay lines with their respective winches link a bunch of kites to a double lever arm.A winch winds the working line while the other winch unwinds the free line. The video schows five decices allowing to cover the 90°wind window:each device covers 18°. Actuating cylinders towards hydraulic accumulators and motors smooth the production of the electrical generators. The animation is simplified. Schéma animé simplifié du nouveau dispositif prévu pour balayer une aire de vent maximale pour un encombrement au sol minime (Voir aussi l'autre vidéo avec une animation plus élaborée au début.). Les recherches sur de nouveaux modes de conversion d'énergies renouvelables pour la production d'électricité répondent aux inquiétudes quant au réchauffement climatique et à l'épuisement des ressources fossiles. Les cerfs-volants permettent de capter les vents d'altitude plus réguliers et puissants.Différents systèmes ont été pensés. L'OrthoKiteBunch se décline dans toutes les dimensions.Il peut ...
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