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Machine gun preacher & dito padro talk about ahp's one man's war

Machine Gun Preacher & Dito Padro talk about AHP's One Man's War Sam Childers the Machine Gun Preacher is a former gang biker who now dedicates his life and resources to rescue children in the war zone of South Sudan. In this video he and Rafael 'Dito' Padro talk about One Man's War by the Aaron Hendra Project. 100% of every iTunes download of 'One Man's War ' goes directly to support the ongoing work of Sam Childers and the Angels of East Africa organization. Available on iTunes now itunes.apple.com Visit, share, subscribe and join www.aaronhendra.com http www.youtube.com twitter.com machinegunpreacher.org
Category: Nonprofits & Activism     Length: 00:01:10
Tags: Aaron Hendra Project .

Machine gun preacher (2011) - hd trailer - review + torrents

Machine Gun Preacher (2011) - HD Trailer - Review + Torrents thebipolarreport.blogspot.com Machine Gun Preacher (2011) - HD Trailer - Review + Torrents
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:57
Tags: Machine Gun Preacher Michael Shannon Films 2011 Trailer .

Machine gun preacher featurette

Machine Gun Preacher Featurette Machine Gun Preacher Featurette. Join us at our website - www.gerardbutlergals.com Facebook - tinyurl.com
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:02:57
Tags: Gerard Butler Machine .

Machine gun preacher (2011) part 1 8 hd full movie megavideo stream trailer

Machine Gun Preacher (2011) Part 1 8 HD Full Movie Megavideo Stream Trailer www.cinesmarthd.com Machine Gun Preacher (2011) Part 1 8 HD Full Movie Megavideo Stream Trailer
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:07:55
Tags: Machine Gun Preacher .

Machine gun preacher kony 2012

Machine Gun Preacher Kony 2012 The Real Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childers, talks about Kony 2012, Joseph Kony, President Al-Bashir, genocide, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. As well he shares about the humanitarian work going on in Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. Sales of the DVD Movie "Machine Gun Preacher", starring Gerard Butler, help to save the lives of children in East Africa www.facebook.com/chatback Music sourced from the Universal database. AMCOS license under APRA to use backing music on CVC Network Ltd channels including ChatbackTV
Category: News & Politics     Length: 00:02:17
Tags: genocide Kony 2012 Machine Gun Preacher .

Gerard butler machine gun preacher amazing interview sep 23 11

Gerard Butler Machine Gun Preacher Amazing Interview Sep 23 11 Gerard Butler Machine Gun Preacher Amazing Interview
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:07:15
Tags: Gerard Butler Machine .

Gerard butler in "machine gun preacher"

Gerard Butler in Gerard Butler portrays thug-turned-crusader Sam Childers in a compelling biopic. CBSNews.com's Scott Edward caught up with the stars of the film at the LA premiere.
Category: News & Politics     Length: 00:04:28
Tags: machine gun preacher gerard butler cbsepisode entertainment .

Madeline carroll - machine gun preacher clip

Madeline Carroll - Machine Gun Preacher clip Gerard Butler and Madeline Carroll have a fight in "Machine Gun Preacher", also starring Michael Shannon and Michelle Monaghan
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:25
Tags: Michael Shannon Gerard Butler Madeline .

Machine gun preacher gerard butler interview behind the scenes making of the film hd

Machine Gun Preacher Gerard Butler interview behind the scenes making of the film HD www.gerardjamesbutler.co.uk Buy Machine Gun Preacher on DVD from our Gerard Butler Store. In this interview Gerard Butler and the cast talk about the makings of Machine Gun Preacher. Enjoy the behind the scenes access footage
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:54
Tags: gerard butler machine gun preacher .

Sam childers interview machine gun preacher dallas press conference - out on dvd/blu-ray

Sam Childers interview MACHINE GUN PREACHER Dallas press conference - out on DVD/Blu-ray Mark Walters of bigfanboy.com asks questions to the real Sam Childers, who is portrayed by Gerard Butler in Machine Gun Preacher. The film was shot partly in Africa, where many of Childers' real life experiences took place. You can now purchase the movie on Blu-ray here - http or DVD here - www.amazon.com Camera for this video by Rachel Parker. Taken during the Dallas press conference in which other journalists were present. This video is property of Bigfanboy.com and should not be duplicated in any way without permission.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:05:49
Tags: machine gun preacher childers interview .

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