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How to make a simple fully automatic lego rubber band gun v1

How to make a simple fully automatic Lego rubber band gun v1 RBG=rubber band gun This is an instructional video showing how to build, load and fire a simple fully automatic Lego rubber band gun. The gun consists of 4 Lego pieces and an 1,25m long thread. The gun is loaded with 28 rubber bands, size 1,5*60mm, in the video. Firing rate is dependent on how fast you pull the string. It's very easy to do a much bigger wooden version of this gun with 6x150mm ammo. Watch "How to make Simple Fully Automatic Rubber Band Gun2 (wooden)" here: www.youtube.com It's also possible to make a top mounted magazine to shoot Lego pieces. I've built a prototype the shoots 2*1 technic pieces and it uses 3x100mm rubber bands. CREDITS Give credit to those that deserve it (example: I used *********'s mechanism).
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:04
Tags: rubber band gun full auto fully tutorial build guns lego knex gum .

How-2 - lego rubber band gun build plan / instructions

How-2 - Lego Rubber Band Gun Build plan / Instructions How to make a Rubber Band Lego Gun. Now I'm sorry if the qaulity sucks.B3059
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:00
Tags: technology .

Lego ak47 rubber band gun

Lego AK47 Rubber Band Gun My Lego rubber band Avotmat Kalashnikov (AK) 1947. It can be loaded with up to three large rubber bands and shoots them in full auto. Also, the gun can be disassembled into 5 parts, the barrel, grip, clip, body, and stock. THIS GUN IS VERY POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS! Instructions will NEVER be made! Mech credits go to purplephlem. Thax :)
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:00:59
Tags: ak47 privatepetranko .

The c-10 lego gun

The C-10 Lego Gun The C-10 Lego Gun Instructions here: picasaweb.google.com TheOther0ne invented the gun I just made the video. Magazine Size: up to 8 bricks
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:15
Tags: Lego Gun Rubber .

How to make a lego gun that shoots rubber bands

How to make a lego gun that shoots rubber bands How to make a lego gun that shoots rubber bands awesome
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:57
Tags: Rubber Band Make (magazine) .

Slide action lego pistol

slide action lego pistol yea in the vid it had 5 rubber bands but Ive gotten it to have 8 before
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:03
Tags: lego gun pistol shooter instructions rifle .

Full auto lego rubber band gun 1 (rapid fire)

Full auto lego rubber band gun 1 (rapid fire) This was my first video on YouTube. This is some film clips of my "Full Auto Lego rubber band gun v.1". It can be loaded with 10-12 big 150x6mm rubber bands, or if you shorten the gun you can load it with 40 small rubber bands (I think it's 1,5x60mm). Includes a short clip of my unfinished two barreled version of this gun. It's just two guns put together. The two barreled version has 2x ammo. For more info and pictures check out: mocpages.com Press on my name to see my newer, better and cooler RBGs. See my "full auto lego rubber band gun 2" here: uk.youtube.com Some additional info about the gun: Slowing mechanism! The spinning thing (the thing that spins on the right side when the gun is firing) rotates 45 times for every rotation of the big 40 tooth gear. The spinning thing works this way: The centrifugal forces swing the Lego pieces, that are attached to the spinning thing, outwards and they hit a piece that's in the way and creates resistance. When it spins faster it hits the piece harder and thus it's creates more resistance. The rubber bands don't have enough power to pull the gear faster than a certain speed because of the increasing resistance. CREDITS Give credit to those that deserve it (example: I used *********'s mechanism).
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:33
Tags: full auto lego rubber band gun chaingun fully automatic technic rapid fire .

My old lego rubber band gun

My Old Lego Rubber Band Gun It can fire about as many rubber bands you can fit on the gear.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:00
Tags: lego gun rubber .

Lego sniper rifle that shoots rubber bands

Lego Sniper Rifle That Shoots Rubber Bands This isn't the best sniper rifle but is pretty good. It shoots rubber bands and I hope you enjoy. I will be getting the making a video about how to build it pretty soon since I made it 12/1/10.
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:20
Tags: lego gun sniper rifle .

Lego single shot pistol (rubber band powered)

Lego Single Shot Pistol (Rubber Band Powered) We are shooting our lego gun at some targets and also have slowmotion shooting! PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO MAKE A GUN OF YOUR SELESCTION AND THEN PUBLISH ON YOUTUBE! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:00:52
Tags: lego guns shooting .

Simple lego rubber band gun

Simple Lego Rubber Band Gun I got the idea to make this gun from one of Theinsek's guns, so full credit goes to him. Here are his instructions: www.youtube.com This is a simple to build, easy to load, powerful rubber band gun. No instructions are needed, just study the gun while watching the video, and you will probably be able to figure out how to make it. The gun can shoot as many Rubber Bands as you want, depending on how big the gun is and how long the string is. The gun can shoot the Rubber Bands faster, depending on how hard you pull on the string. I hope you like this gun. I know I talk way to much, but that is just how I am, so deal with it. Be sure to Comment, Rate, and Subscribe for more Guns!
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:01:12
Tags: Lego Lego gun Shooting Firing Firearm Gun Instructions Rubber Bands Simple Easy Powerful Strong .

Lego lancer assault rifle --- gears of war

LEGO Lancer Assault Rifle --- GEARS OF WAR Life sized Lancer Assault Rifle from GEARS OF WAR [ rubber band gun ] :Select fire - safe, semi and full auto. :Magazine release :Motorized chain saw [ 00:40 ACTION ] [ 01:50 SHOOTING ] [ 03:35 MECHANISM ]
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:06:20
Tags: Assault Rifle Rubber gearsofwar Lancer .

Free lego gun instructions -- melody mp

FREE LEGO GUN INSTRUCTIONS -- MELODY MP How it works: youtu.be Parts list: youtu.be Step by step instructions: youtu.be Free LEGO gun instructions of Xubor's Melody machine pistol. Music, weapon and videos by Martin Hüdepohl lego guns anleitung lego weapon tutorial lego weapon instructions lego gun tutorial working lego gun
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:00:42
Tags: Martin Hüdepohl .

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