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Introduction to voice over ip

Introduction to Voice Over IP Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: August 8, 2010 Length of Class: 60 Minutes Tracks Telephone Systems Prerequisites Introduction to Telephone Systems Introduction to Convergence Purpose of Class This class discusses the basic components and requirements for a business or enterprise Voice Over IP telephone system. Topics Covered VoIP Servers VoIP Clients Gateways Protocols Codecs Network Latency QOS Unified Communications Class Notes VoIP Servers VoIP Servers route calls like a traditional PBX There are proprietary and Open Source versions of VoIP Server software VoIP Clients VoIP "phones" are all client computers Hard Phones are computers made to look like traditional phones Soft Phones are software that is installed on a computer so that the computer can be used as a phone Gateways connect VoIP networks to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Protocols VoIP Systems use protocols for servers and clients to communicate SIP is a standards based protocol that numerous vendors use Codecs are used to encode voice communication Codecs determine the Sound Quality and the Bandwidth usage of a call Most VoIP servers come with codecs that you can use without any extra fees. If you need better codecs they can be purchased Network Latency and QOS Network latency is the time it takes for data to get from point A to point B Standard telephones have a latency of 45ms, VoIP can have a latency of up to 75-100ms. QOS -- Quality Of Service -- is a ...
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:46:00
Tags: 720ph introduction voip .

Introduction to virtualization

Introduction to Virtualization Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: February 2, 2012 Length of Class: 59 Minutes Tracks Virtual and Cloud Computing Prerequisites Introduction to Cloud Computing Purpose of Class This class teaches students the basic concepts that required to deploy Virtualization in the real world. Chapters Introduction (00:00) Overview (01:10) Type 1 Hypervisors (13:45) Type 2 Hypervisors (33:31) Converting to Virtualization (40:51) Final Thoughts (47:05) Class Notes Introduction Virtualization allows you to separate the Operating System from the underlying hardware Virtualization is NOT the same as Cloud Computing. Virtualization is a Type of Cloud Computing. Hypervisors are the software that Operating System "Instances" run on. Overview Virtualization allows you to easily migrate servers between pieces of physical hardware Virtualization allows you to consolidate multiple cheap physical servers into one server An "Instance" is a "Virtual Computer" installed on a Hypervisor. Type 1 Hypervisors Called Bare Metal Hypervisor Installs directly on to hardware You use Management Software installed on a different computer to manage a Type 1 Hypervisor box. Based on XEN. Generally the Hypervisor is free, but you pay for the Management software Over Allocation allows you to allocate more total resources to the Instances of the operating systems then the physical server has. At any one time all Instances CANNOT use more resources then the total amout that the ...
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:44:13
Tags: Introduction Virtualization .

Konnakol introduction by henrik andersen (dk)

KONNAKOL introduction by Henrik Andersen (DK) I have written 3 books on Konnakol :"Shortcut To Nirvana" avaible in English, French & Danish - at Henrik Andersen webshop: www.digibutik.dk
Category: Education     Length: 00:05:30
Tags: John mclaughlin konnakol Carnatic .

Introducing the traktor kontrol s4 dj system

Introducing the Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ System traktor kontrol S4 is the first integrated DJ system from Native Instruments, based on the club-standard Traktor platform and full of innovative features. The smooth workflow based on the seamless integration between hardware and software makes it the ultimate performance system for DJs of all styles and experience levels. This video covers all aspect of this all-in-one solution and explains why the S4 looks and feels as great as it sounds! Traktor Kontrol S4 will be available this winter. For more info, visit www.native-instruments.com
Category: Music     Length: 00:02:49
Tags: traktor kontrol S4 .

Introduction to linux

Introduction to Linux Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: August 16, 2010 Length of Class: 47 Minutes Tracks Linux Prerequisites None Purpose of Class This class teaches students the basic concepts that they should understand before they start trying to work with Linux. Topics Covered What is Linux Distributions Open Source Licensing Shells Significance of ROOT Importance of Capitalization Server vs. Desktop versions What Linux is best at Class Notes introduction linux was created by Linus Torvalds between 1991 and 1994 Linux is not a version of Unix Distributions Once Linux was released to the public numerous institutions created their own versions of the operating system. These different versions are called Distributions, or Distros. Different Distros have different functionality. Open Source software is not necessarily free software Make sure you understand the licensing requirements for your Open Source software before you release it into a Production Environment. Defining The Shell The Shell is the interface you use to interact with the Operating System. Windows uses a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Shell, Linux primarily uses a LUI (Line User Interface) ROOT ROOT is the highest level of anything in the Linux world. ROOT user is the highest level user. The ROOT directory s the highest level directory. Capitalization matters in Linux (HOME is different then home) Server vs. Desktop Versions Server versions of Linux install the bare minimum number of ...
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:36:06
Tags: 5Mbps introduction linux .

Introduction to cloud computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing Please give us a THUMBS UP if you like our videos!!! Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: December 17, 2010 Length of Class: 75 Minutes Tracks Cloud and Virtual Computing Prerequisites None Purpose of Class This class introduces students to the world of Cloud Computing and explains that Cloud Computing is more then Virtualization. Chapters Introduction (00:00) Web Applications (06:51) Clustering (09:26) Terminal Services (16:26) Application Servers (25:13) Virtualization (30:00) Hosted Instances (44:05) Hosted Solutions (54:41) Public vs. Private Clouds (58:06) Final Thoughts (60:00) Class Notes introduction cloud Computing is a design philosophy that breaks the Operating System and Applications from the Hardware Web Applications Are Created in Web Programming Languages Generally Use Databases to Store Data Clusters Are Generally Used for Database Servers (MySQL, Microsoft Active Directory) Load is balanced between servers in a cluster. If one server fails the cluster responds by not sending traffic to it. Servers maintain the same data by using replication Terminal Services Based off of old Mainframe and Dumb Terminal Architecture Now You Use Terminal Services Servers and Thin Clients Thin Clients can be Hardware Devices or Software installed on a computer All processing happens on Terminal Services Server and the Thin Client simply gets a "Window" into the server. Example: www.ncomputing.com Application Servers Uses Terminal Services but ...
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:57:36
Tags: introduction cloud .

11. introduction to neuroscience ii

11. Introduction to Neuroscience II (April 23, 2010) Patrick House discusses memories and how they are formed. Dana Turker then lectures about the autonomic nervous system and its functions. Stanford University www.stanford.edu Stanford Department of Biology http Stanford University Channel on YouTube www.youtube.com
Category: Education     Length: 00:54:47
Tags: memory plasticity .

Introduction to git with scott chacon of github

Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub This talk introduces the Git version control System by looking at what Git is doing when you run the commands you need to do basic version control with it. We'll look at how to use Git to do the basics, while seeing how it differs from Subversion, what staging and committing actually looks like, how it stores it's data, how it branches and merges so nicely and how it talks to a server when pushing and fetching. Then we'll look at how to look at your history with log in interesting ways. This should help Git newbies get acquainted with the popular VCS and other Git users get a glimpse of what's happening under the hood. ** More educational videos on open source at marakana.com
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 01:01:39
Tags: version control .

X115 - x's adventures in minecraft - 015 - the x-system

X115 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 015 - The X-System A tad on the tongue-in-cheek side, this video outlines the beginning of the X-System.
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:32
Tags: The Hub minecraft Alpha .

Need a graph database like twitter is built on? @neo4j delivers, @emileifrem tells why

Need a graph database like Twitter is built on? @neo4j delivers, @emileifrem tells why Do you want to build a system that uses a graph database, like what Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook are built on? Well, Neo4j is one that lets you build a "noSQL" solution and founder Emil Eifrem talks us through what this technology could be used to build and also tells me what he sees happening in the social networking space.
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:08:25
Tags: Emil Eifrem social graph .

Envelope budgeting: an introduction

Envelope Budgeting: An Introduction How to keep a budget using the Envelope Method of budgeting for planning your spending. By EEBA. An online envelope budgeting system: eebacanhelp.com
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:03:38
Tags: envelope budgeting .

Online utility billing system training videos - introduction

Online Utility Billing System Training Videos - Introduction An introduction with Lynda Boomer and Jennifer Battle regarding energy on campus and why the Online Utility Billing System is so important to campus buidlings, our energy footprint, and the end-user. Transcript: bit.ly
Category: Education     Length: 00:01:08
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【system animator】installation and setup tutorial

【System Animator】Installation and Setup Tutorial A video for beginners to guide you through the whole installation and setup process of "System Animator" Sidebar gadget "System Animator" Homepage www.animetheme.com Full play list (System Animator - Tutorials): www.youtube.com ------------------------------------ "System Animator" Sidebar gadget is a multi-purpose system activity monitor with focus on FUN~! If you are new to it, check the following play list for videos introducing this gadget. Full play list (System Animator - Introduction): www.youtube.com
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:07:31
Tags: animated desktop 初音ミク Hatsune Vista Sidebar gadget .

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