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I hate black people!!!

I HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!! The thing I hate most about my people (black folk) is that no matter what you do or how much love you show its NEVER ENOUGH. The same people you help or HAVE helped always have the MOST to say. Smh then these same people wonder why they get cut off and now all of a sudden YOU the one thats being fake.
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Re: i hate black people... but i'm not racist

RE: I hate black people... but I'm not racist niggers ent nuttin but hoes and tricks I Hate Black People... but I'm not racist
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Tags: Racism Not Really .

Response: i hate black people, but i'm not racist

Response: I hate black people, but I'm not racist My response-type video. Even though I sound serious, I am not. I made this video to basically point out how stupid the original poster is. And if it was a joke, it shoulda been done like mine.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:00:55
Tags: plague hate black people .

Re: i hate black people because...

Re: I Hate Black People Because... well i know this was a joke but to the commenters who said racist things
Category: Comedy     Length: 00:03:08
Tags: black .

I hate black people -.- how i feel!

i hate black people -.- how i feel! saw a white girl saying she hate black people?! stfu! ugh she ab****
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Tags: pissed .

Racism: why do white men hate black men ?

RACISM: Why Do WHITE MEN Hate BLACK MEN ? Why is it...some WHITE MEN hate BLACK MEN or discriminate against BLACK MEN?
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:08:13

Re: why i hate black people - part 1 of 2

Re: Why I Hate Black People - part 1 of 2 Responding to piperboy350's rant against his own people
Category: Education     Length: 00:07:27
Tags: Hate Black People .

Why i hate black history month

Why I Hate Black History Month Comment and Subscribe! Twitter: kiwirabbitfru My experience with Black History Month isn't the same as everyone's, but my reasons for disliking it are valid enough. I think that because the education system is so backwards, there is a need for Black History Month to continue to exist. However, I know that there are so many more interesting things we can discuss that skirted over to fulfill the curriculum requirements in our schools. So in ways, I agree with the interview Morgan Freeman did. I dislike Black History Month for condensing the history of a people to 28 or 29 days, but I don't think that not talking about it is the way to go. Only by talking about race can we break down the barriers that the social construct has created. Peace and love.
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Tags: Ihateblackhistorymonth .

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