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Spirit guides & higher dimensions

Spirit Guides & Higher Dimensions Spirit guides, meditation protection, contact from the higher dimensions, ascension symptoms.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:07:33
Tags: Spirit guides meditation protection .

Future (2012?) "end of the world" (low quality version - min.)

Future (2012?) Dimensional ascension of Earth - Real Future Vision described in 10 minutes by a TRUE modern prophet of end times reincarnated Biblical Daniel. - Third to fifth dimension - aka End time Biblical "Day of the Lord" - aka "end of time" and "the world" "Could" be the year 2012 but the reality is that NO ONE knows exactly "when." Mind-blowing vision of future reality and final destiny of planet. See more at Daniel's 2012 prophecy & ascension related website: endtimeprophet2012.com aka the "merger of heaven and earth!" Physical BI-location, multidimensional travel into distant future initiated by an angel of God - from August 3, 2000. Could this be soon, as in the year 2012? NOT an OBE or dream, but actually there, physically, in the distant future to witness this powerful event as we reached the shift into "zero point." Divine energy and consciousness expansion; alteration of physics, time & space & matter as we know it.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:07:28
Tags: 2012 end the world vision prophecy spirituality religion christianity inspirational truth prediction times .

The light ascension of the soul (part 1 & 2 ) (updated) - ashtar hellas

The Light Ascension of the Soul (Part 1 & 2 ) (Updated) - ASHTAR HELLAS The Plain Ascension, the Light Ascension, the Crystalline-Light Ascension - The "Life" of the soul in the 5th dimension - Lightbeings in service of the Divine Plan and how become Ascended Masters - channeled information & personal RESEARCH - Added by Aila - ashtarhellas.com.
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:19:50

Ascension - a celebration, part 1/2

ASCENSION - A Celebration, part 1/2 Ascension - A Celebration, part 2/2 youtu.be ASCENSION - A CELEBRATION OF MOTHER EARTH AND HUMANITY'S DESTINY. Part 1/2 This is a mystic visual with poetry, created with love and ecstasy. It is a vision flowing from the heart into creation, to inspire about our future. Ascension starts with our connection with and love for Mother Earth. With her we have a symbiotic relationship and the responsibility to care for her as she does for us - as she is a very beautiful living Spirit! Enjoy! Part 2:www.youtube.com
Category: Education     Length: 00:06:13
Tags: Ascension Mother Earth .

Dimensional separation and 2012

Dimensional Separation and 2012 Taken from the Countdown to 2012 workshop, Jelaila explains how the higher perspective regarding the ongoing separatoin of the current 4 dimensions of consciousness currently on Earth, along with how they will change at the end of 2012.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:06:30
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Ascension help

Ascension Help Be prepared for the upcoming changes, feel love and cherish...
Category: Education     Length: 00:01:56
Tags: awake awakening spirit spiritual space time cosmos ascension help aware .

2012: ascending to higher dimensions or frequencies

2012: ASCENDING TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS OR FREQUENCIES It was suggested that all this drama about how interim governments will work is without meaning since we will be ascending by the end of the year and moving into a 5D world where governments will not be needed. Even though many people view it that way; that is not how I view ascension. To me, it's about raising frequencies, not changing location. What is here now, earth and its inhabitants, will be transformed without the need for anyone to escape.
Category: Education     Length: 00:13:49
Tags: transformation awakening 2012 ascension dimensions .

Souls, densities and polarisation in ascension

Souls, densities and polarisation in Ascension More questions on the soul, densities and polarisation are presented to the Nine, from subscribers. The come through Magenta Pixie with their responses. Towards the end of this video, the sentence "Therefore whilst the majority of Ascending beings shall be of positive service to self frequencies" should say " positive service to OTHERS frequencies" I apologise for the error... Music by Kevin Macleod
Category: Education     Length: 00:06:41
Tags: Souls Densities .

Scar symmetry - ascension chamber + chaosweaver (the rave 2010 live)

SCAR SYMMETRY - Ascension Chamber + Chaosweaver (The Rave 2010 live) Scar Symmetry performing the songs "Ascension Chamber" and "Chaosweaver" live at The Rave, Milwaukee (United States). Taken from the official TheRaveLive webcast at www.theravelive.com . Set-list 01. The Iconoclast 02. Morphogenesis 03. Pitch Black Progress 04. Mind Machine 05. Ascension Chamber 06. Chaosweaver 07. The Path Of Least Resistance 08. Retaliator 09. The Illusionist
Category: Music     Length: 00:05:58
Tags: scar symmetry ascension .

Our galactic family of light ascended master saint germain may 8 2012

Our Galactic Family Of Light Ascended Master Saint Germain May 8 2012 lightworkers.org comptedesaintgermainsblog.blogspot.com Purification is the next wave's opportunity to advance their awakened condition. Most of those now aware enough for ascension are not clear of their non-aligned contractions. How can they be cleared? Give them no energy—demonstrate absolutely nothing but delight when a contracted emotion acts up. Feel what comes up so it can be dissolved by awareness. Once the light is turned on, it will burn out the dis-ease. Give no thought to the task ahead, or to the naming or deleting of these contractions. This is what the life of an adept is all about, no matter what answers are anchored into the mental body. No answers, no decisions, and no control will deliver an acceptance message to the anger, fear or drama generator enabling you to be finished with all of your non-aligned dramas. Then, no more anger, fear or games will be added to the energy coming from you. What we in the other dimensions are looking at in your realm cannot be reversed as an act of divine change. What can be altered is the mass consciousness. It is for the advancement of all that make up mass consciousness that you are being given the divine call to ascend. As more of humanity becomes open to ascension by the awareness of current conditions, many can be advanced to dimensions beyond the one that continues to be destroyed.
Category: Education     Length: 00:04:38
Tags: Galactic Family 2012 Light Ascended Master .

Spirit science 14 - insights of ascension

Spirit Science 14 - Insights of Ascension 9 insights, 2 man/boys, one video and aa great amount of learning that we believe will bring you closer to vibrating at the level of the divine. Its almost like were rubbing an ascension salve on your cultural wounds. So Enjoy! the people! Kisses! ~The Atlantis King This weeks lesson goes into the insights of ascension from the book The Celestine Prophecy, we highly recommend reading this book for those of you beginning your path or wanting new information, however in the mean time, here is the abridged version of strictly insights on the process of waking up, clearing your negative habits, and releasing them to the universe to vibrate higher and changing frequencies of time, space, and matter itself! See you guys next week! New videos every week!
Category: Education     Length: 00:06:48
Tags: excellent spirit science insights .

Our emotions in ascension

Our emotions in Ascension A subscriber asked; "what will happen to our emotions? will they be less charged? will they begin to dissolve? do we have a choice in which emotions we want out of our lives and which emotions we want in?" The Nine come forward, through Magenta Pixie, with their response. Edited by Magenta Pixie Music "Piano Between" by Kevin Macleod
Category: Education     Length: 00:02:35
Tags: Emotions Ascension .

12 levles of ascension-part 1

12 Levles of Ascension-Part 1 12 Levels of Ascension-Part 1 by Shannon Fry www.soulbodyunion.com This is a brief delineation on the 12 levels as a guide for our earthly ascension process. I base this description of the journey through the levels from my own experience on the ascension path and through the guidance of my Soul and Spirit during meditation. It is but a summary of the grand process known as our Enlightenment. It is my understanding that even if we have ascended consciously to a specific level through our existence outside of the earth realm we must ascend here, from the beginning, as well. All humans must eventually ascend rather than stay in "lock down" on a certain level (such as the 4th). Like many others, I have found that the intensity of the ascension process has quickened in recent years. Much has come to pass as non-truth at various levels breaks away and we are given a choice: to get into the pilot's seat and, with rising awareness, take the steps needed to embrace our greater Truth, or fall deeper into delusion clinging to that which must go. If we are here with some previous level of mastery, so much the better, since we must unlock the proverbial gates from the earth from the inside out during our earthly lives. As we form a collective through group ascension in such a short linear period of time (1st level), we may collapse the old collective to build a new reality, or New Earth. It is also my understanding that we do not need to ascend through all 12 levels as a collective ...
Category: Education     Length: 00:06:22
Tags: science 12 Levels of Ascension .

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