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Homemade copper wind chime

Homemade copper wind chime I made this copper pipe wind chime using some junk materials I had lying around in my basement and garage. The copper pipes are Type L, 3/4 inch nominal. The striker is a solid brass cabinet knob. The wind catcher is a round aluminum gang box cover. The 5 pipes were cut using a pipe cutter according to the "C4" tuning dimensions listed on a great website: home.fuse.net The pipes were suspended using a round steel gang box cover in a pentagon fashion (there are numerous pictures of pentagons on-line that can be used as templates so the pipes hang apart at equal distances). This is what copper pipe wind chimes sound like.
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Summer crafts for kids: wind chime mobile

Summer Crafts for Kids: Wind Chime Mobile A wind chime mobile is a great craft to do with your kids this summer, and they can decorate the mobile with whatever items they want. Learn an easy way to make this craft in this how-to video from About.com.
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How to make a wind chime with garden tools from plaid craft tv

How To Make A Wind Chime with Garden Tools from Plaid Craft TV Hosted by Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza with special guest, Stephanie Girard. Garden Days: This is the second video in a series of three. Learn how to make awesome this birdhouse condo. See more projects from Cathie and Steve: www.plaidonline.com
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Wind chime (part 2 of 2)

Wind Chime (Part 2 of 2) Part 2 of Wind Chime--A short film by EIG Productions. Part 1 is located here: www.youtube.com
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How to make your own chimes by candace jedrowicz

How to Make Your Own Chimes by Candace Jedrowicz In this video, Candace Jedrowicz transforms a refrigerator icemaker kit into wind chimes. Featured on Cool2Craft TV. For more ideas, info and inspiration go to cool2craft.com or scan QR code at end of video to link directly to on-line tutorial.
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Coombs, vancouver island, wind-chimes - september 18 2009

Coombs, Vancouver Island, wind-chimes - September 18 2009 I found these wind-chimes in a small shop just beside Coombs Market (the place with the goats on the roof) on the Port Alberni Highway. I think they sounded terrific, so I made a video of them. They don't sound nearly as good in the video as they did in real life, mind you.
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Make windchimes using salt and pepper shakers

Make Windchimes Using Salt and Pepper Shakers Make adorable windchimes with inexpensive or recycled salt and pepper shakers! Great for gifts, to sale at bazaars or for yourself!
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Diy outdoor birdhouse

DIY Outdoor Birdhouse www.plaidonline.com This whimsical paint craft project features FolkArt Outdoor Acrylics and Metallics, and Outdoor Sealer for a decorative birdhouse that will stay beautiful outdoors or in. Plaid designer Candie Cooper shows you how!
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15754 how to make paper bells of little umbrella

15754 How To Make Paper Bells of Little Umbrella Paper Campanula small umbrella handmade art paper wind chimes handmade diy handmade paper art classroom how to do the paper wind chimes original video "
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Windchime from a recycled lamp

Windchime from a recycled lamp Recycled an old stand-up lamp and turned it into a windchime.
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