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.22 pcp bullpup air rifle part 1

.22 pcp Bullpup air rifle part 1 My mate shooting my custom build QB78 based silenced .22 bullpup air rifle.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:39
Tags: airgun .

.22 bullpup air rifle part 2

.22 bullpup air rifle part 2 25 meters indoors shooting my QB78 based .22 pcp bullpup air rifle.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:00:35
Tags: pcp airgun bullpup .

Air gun s200 new bullpup version

Air Gun S200 New Bullpup Version The S200AA, a fantastic little rifle!! Been working on several ideas lately, One of them is this BullPup version. for many types of air rifles out there. Soon to come (after month of June) A precision shop will be making them, for total precision, and quality and balance. Be on the look out for this Bull Pup Kit!!! I'd like to thank the many talented people in the airgun world that have posted videos on YouTube, we all know who they are... I personally have grown in this sport because of them. Thanks for inspiring me to take things to the next level/step. Like most of us I started liking airguns at an early age. Thanks to all the improvements in the PCP world and quality products that have come out accuracy is much more obtainable for most of us. Remember each and every one of us counts in this sport, we can give this sport a good name if we all are responsible and safe shooters, and when hunting knowing what to shoot and what not to shoot. Having an extremely accurate airgun is simply priceless. Happy hunting, and thanks for watching next videos will be on upgrades, and of course hunting and paper punching to show accuracy. Remember after JUNE or July of 2012///// The Bull Pup Kits will be offered soon there after. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE INTERESTED, CONTACT ME!!
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:04:06
Tags: Air Gun Bullpups Air Rifles Pellet Guns Target Practice Hunting with airguns .

Home make crosman 1077 bullpup air rifle.

Home make crosman 1077 bullpup air rifle. this is only bullpup crosmam 1077 co2 air rifle on you tude. Why? because i make this by myself. this is fun to shoot bullpup air rifle, you can shoot up tp 12 shots as quik as you pull the triger.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:01:27
Tags: home make bullpup air rifle. .

Air rifle shooting 1.5" targets at 100 yards

Air Rifle Shooting 1.5 Shooting small plums with my Edgun .22 PCP Air Rifle.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:03:07
Tags: Edgun Matador Russian Bullpup Airgun Air Rifle edgunusa PCP эдган Матадор 100 yard meter range Holdover Pellet plinking benchrest .

Diy depinger installation for pcp air rifle

DIY Depinger Installation for PCP Air Rifle This video shows how to install a DIY "Depinger" into a PreCharged Pneumatic air rifle. A "depinger" is any device that effectively stops the "ping" noise in the air chamber, created when the hammer strikes the valve. It effectively removes the "tuning fork" sound by dampening the vibration. This video has been updated to make it more "copyright" friendly.
Category: Education     Length: 00:05:22
Tags: Ted's Hold-over Holdover Edgun Matador Russian Bullpup Airgun Air Rifle edgunusa PCP эдган Матадор Deping De-pinger Depinger .

Menaldi bullpup .22 pcp rifle

Menaldi Bullpup .22 PCP rifle This is my home made PCP rifle: - Built based on a Menaldi (QB78) air rifle. - Custom reservoir (300cc / 3000 psi) made of stainless steel. - jdsairman 1800 psi regulator. - Bullpup stock and custom scope rings. - Velocity: 960 fps with JSB 16 gr.pellets Hope you like it. Regards from Argentina.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:01:11
Tags: Menaldi QB78 airgun air rifle jdsairman .

Edgun pcp air rifle plinking @ 100 yards

Edgun PCP Air Rifle Plinking @ 100 yards I was bored punching paper, and needed to shoot at something a bit more entertaining. So, I used some scrap metal from the shop to make this little plinker. It was pounded with a full tin (500) on its first day out, and held up like a champ, unlike every other metal target I've ever purchased.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:04:52
Tags: Edgun Matador Russian Bullpup Airgun Air Rifle edgunusa PCP эдган Матадор Plinking Home-made Swinging Target Ted's Holdover pellet .

Pellet holder for bullpups

Pellet Holder for Bullpups This design is a variation of the pellet holder shown on the "HuntersVermin" youtube channel. I simply modified his design to fit my needs. Special thanks to David (author of HuntersVermin) for his tutorial on how to give a worn out pair of boots new purpose.
Category: Education     Length: 00:05:10
Tags: edgunusa edgun Matador Pellet Holder Bullpup Airgun Air Rifle airrifle huntersvermin PCP .

Edgun matador pcp air rifle silencer shroud

EDgun Matador PCP Air Rifle Silencer Shroud A closer look at the shroud of the Edgun Matador. I was unable to disassemble it. If I figure out how, I may update this entry.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:02:29
Tags: Edgun Matador Russian Bullpup Airgun Air Rifle edgunusa PCP эдган Матадор Ted's Holdover shroud silencer suppressor pellet gun removable .

Armscor air rifle converted to bullpup from bohol

Armscor Air Rifle Converted to Bullpup from Bohol I converted my Armscor .22 air rifle into Bullpup without spending any amount. I just recycled some materials from my workshop.
Category: Sports     Length: 00:01:08
Tags: armscor airgun converted bullpup rapz75ace73 Edgun Matador Benjamin Marauder .

Bam 21 airgun bullpup by hellboy (bulgaria)

Bam 21 Airgun BullPup by HellboY (BULGARIA) My chineece airgun Bam 21 , full tuning and custom bullpup walnut stock !!!
Category: Sports     Length: 00:02:18
Tags: bullpap hellboy .

Pcp air rifle sub moa groups @ 100 yards

PCP Air Rifle Sub MOA Groups @ 100 Yards The 50-yard shooting could have been a bit better - especially on the lower target, where I just couldn't see the bullseye well enough to hold on center. But, I wasn't out to set any records. I just wanted some practice shooting with the camera mounted for the purpose of making future hunting videos. The 100-yard range shooting went very well. I didn't have to make any windage adjustments. And the fact that I was able to keep 14 out of 15 shots at less than a minute accuracy brings a smile to me face. I'm really starting to get a feel for shooting this little bullpup.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:06:39
Tags: Edgun Matador Russian Bullpup Airgun PCP Air Rifle edgunusa эдган Матадор 100 yard Ted's Holdover .

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