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[1996] brabus w210 e v12 s

[1996] Brabus W210 E V12 S Visit us at: www.fantasycars.com Brabus W210 E V12 S 7.3l Engine: V12 - 7.3l 48V DOHC Power: 582 bhp Performance: 0-100 km/h 4.5s Top speed: *330 km/h Songs: Moderat - ''A New Error" NFS III - "Songs"
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Tags: Mercedes Brabus .

Brabus e v12 w210 7.3

Brabus E V12 W210 7.3 Brabus E V12 W210 7.3 The Brabus E V12 was appointed the title the "Fastest Four-Door Sedan of the World" by the editors of the Guinness Book of Records in 1996. BRABUS constructed a high performance car based on the Mercedes E-Class of the W 210 range which doesn't only set new standards for the performances of a four-door sedan which can be driven in daily traffic. For this, the most powerful and torqueful engine out of German production, the BRABUS 7.3 S based on the Mercedes V12, is implanted into the E-Class bodywork. With this car, the worldwide renowned tuner BRABUS again demonstrates its top position in the construction of extraordinary cars. Displacement: 7255cc 428KW / 582bhp @ 6000, 570lb-ft / 772NM @ 4000rpm 0-62mph, 0-100km/h: 4.9s 0-125mph, 0-200km/h: 16.8s Top Speed: 205mph, 330km/h
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Brabus mercedes-benz e v12 w210

BRABUS Mercedes-Benz E v12 W210 Guinness World Record BRABUS Mercedes-Benz w210 chassis E-class V12 Beast
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Tags: brabus guinness world record mercedes .

[1996] brabus e v12s nº07

[1996] Brabus E V12S Nº07 Visit us at: www.fantasycars.com Brabus W210 E V12 S 7.3l Engine: V12 - 7.3l 48v DOHC Power: 582 bhp Performance: 0-100 km/h 4.5s Top speed: *330 km/h About 3/4 gas pedal, short acceleration to 170 km/h
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:01:14
Tags: Brabus EV12 W210 Saab 9000 Aero Audi RS2 1993 Renault .

Brabus e v12 w210

BRABUS E v12 w210 BRABUS E v12 w210 - 12-Zylinder - 582 PS - 772 Nm - 48 Ventile. Mit einer Spitzengeschwindigkeit von 330 km/h war er die schnellste straßenzugelassenen Limousine der Welt.
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:03
Tags: BRABUS v12 w210 330kmh black mercedes benz rocket 600hp german autobahn .

Mercedes benz cls brabus v12

Mercedes Benz CLS Brabus V12 The Mercedes-Benz CLS is a series of automobile models assembled by Daimler AG in Sindelfingen, Germany. The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is an executive-size sedan based on the (W211) E-Class model. The current iteration of the CLS is internally designated as the Mercedes-Benz C219. Marketed as a 'four door coupe,' the CLS recalls the fastback saloon designs of Robert Opron in the 1970s. According to a Mercedes-Benz press release, the CLS-class was produced to combine the "strong, emotive charisma" of a coupe with the "comfort and practicality" of a saloon. Save for its four-door design, the CLS's design tends towards a coupe, as its sleek body reduces the rear passenger room, and it offers a smaller selection of engines tending towards high powered of the range, compared to contemporary sedans such as the E-Class. The CLS marked Mercedes-Benz's return to the executive-size coupe market since the (W124) E-Class Coupe model went out of production in 1995. The (W210) E-Class did not spawn a coupe variant, as Mercedes-Benz choose instead to introduce a smaller coupe based on the compact C-Class, the CLK-Class. However, the CLK-Class was built with a lengthened C-Class wheelbase so it could be slotted as a mid-sized vehicle, and it also featured styling cues, engines, and similar pricing to the (W210) E-Class to give the impression that the (W124) E-Class Coupe was directly replaced. The CLS name also caused some to confuse it as the four-door version of the CL-Class, the full ...
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Tags: E63 AMG S55 S63 Mercedes Benz E55 .

The brabus e v12 one of ten

The Brabus E V12 one of ten Tim Hanlon from Gizmag talks about the new Brabus E V12 one of ten unveiled at IAA 2009. Dubbed the 'Black Baron', the car features a newly-developed SV12 R Biturbo 800 12-cylinder displacement engine boasting a rated power output of 800hp (788bhp), which is able to propel the car to a ridiculous top speed of more than 370kmh (230mph).
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:01:36
Tags: Brabus one of ten E V12 IAA 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show .

Brabus sl 7.3 r129 mercedes benz

BRABUS SL 7.3 R129 mercedes benz it is not very fast cause when I made this video there were some problems with the engine
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:00:17
Tags: mercedes BRABUS .

Mercedes amg w210 v8 e 430 vs w220 s klasse 320 cdi

Mercedes AMG W210 V8 E 430 vs W220 S Klasse 320 cdi W210 430E V8 vs W220 S 320 CDI Mercedes AMG W210 VS 220 430E V8 vs W220 320 CDI Brabus Carlsson Lorinser 2010 MegaV8 fero555 V12 V10 S55 S65 E55 W211 W221W124 W201 "classic cars" cars auto bmw car ford
Category: Autos & Vehicles     Length: 00:02:21
Tags: Mercedes AMG W210 .

W210 mercedes benz e55 x-pipe high flow cats exhaust

W210 Mercedes Benz E55 x-pipe high flow cats exhaust Just got the Magnaflow x-pipe put on in place of the resonator as well as replaced the secondary cats with high flow cats. Also a couple Magnaflow 45 degree bends in there to make it all work as well.
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Tags: MOV02508 .

Mercedes w210 e55 amg

Mercedes W210 E55 AMG Mercedes W210 E55 AMG A klasse B klasse C klasse E klasse G klasse S klasse !! MERCEDES-BENZ AMG /// BRABUS.. ps hp V8 Turkey Turkije Turkish Bmw M3 M5 M6 !! tuning getuned tune opel audi vw volkswagen porsche ferrari lamborghini bugatti mclaren honda mazda suzuki chervollette corvette ford...
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