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Cod black ops - family guy emblem special (gun previews)

COD Black Ops - Family Guy Emblem Special (Gun Previews) ★★★★ Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!! Loved it? Give it a FAVORITE ★★★★ Subscribe Here - www.youtube.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you guys the family guy family today, These are the gun previews as id like to see which ones you wanna see if any? Or All? Let me know guys! I think they all look pretty perfect! Anyway guys enjoy! Love you all!! To win a free copy of black ops 2 go here - www.youtube.com Song - Smooth - Timeless Intro Song - Feed Me - Strange Behaviour Tutorials Here - Peter Lois Chris Meg Brian Stewie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy Your Games & Points Cards here (upto 40% off certain items) - www.gamefanshop.com ★ Like Me On Facebook - www.facebook.com ★ ★ Follow Me On Twitter - twitter.com ★ ★ Check Out Art Work/Portfolio - http ★ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★ ★★ Show Some Love ★★ ★★ www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..Ignore Extra Tags.. cod call of duty black ops ironwolf modern warfare 2 3 mw2 mw3 codbo blops 2 cod4 waw world at war call of duty emblem tutorial tutorials best emblems on youtube pokemon thundercats cragon ball z ...
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:04:09
Tags: dpjsc08 black ops family guy emblem .

Ghost mw2 // call of duty black ops emblem tutorial

Ghost MW2 // Call of Duty Black Ops Emblem Tutorial Like and favorite the video ! Check out my channel for more emblems tutorials and Suscribe !!! Check my new channel: www.youtube.com Extra Tags: call of duty black ops emblems emblem tutorial tutorials cod bo awesome best editor playercard player card customization edit amazing best awesome speed art call duty IBlackOpsGlobal BOG BlackOpsGlobal emblemeditor
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:40
Tags: ghost emblem playercard .

Cod black ops - scorpion / sub zero / reptile - hd remakes (speed art)

COD Black Ops - Scorpion / Sub Zero / Reptile - HD Remakes (speed art) The reason im making these remakes is i now have a better recorder (hd pvr), i used to record my emblems with my iphone 4, which was'nt the best quality, i had manycomplaints about not being able to see the emblem/colours/etc. Ive wanted to do this for ages but aint had the time, now i have and will upload the best of my older emblems, even in some cases making them alot better, If you dont see one of my older emblems in the hd remakes but want it redone just inbox me. All older videos will be deleted once the new hd remakes have been uploaded. All Hd Remakes will be speed art, as it helps me shift them out alot faster.... anyway if you wanna keep up with the best emblem creator, then you better subscribe, i read all messages btw, and take requests into consideration..... And PS please like the video as it really helps me get more viewers. Peace FOR MORE OF MY MORTAL KOMBAT EMBLEMS CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINKS!!!! Scorpion/Subzero V1's - www.youtube.com MK dragon logo - www.youtube.com raiden - www.youtube.com cyrax, sektor & smoke - www.youtube.com Scorpion vs subzero - www.youtube.com
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:02:21
Tags: call duty black .

Black ops emblem: akatsuki robes from naruto

Black Ops Emblem: Akatsuki Robes from naruto This is how to make the Akatsuki Robes from naruto as your emblem in Black Ops, enjoy. Comments, ratings, and suggestions yes?
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:55
Tags: Black Ops naruto best emblem emblem .

Cod black ops - batman 3d logo emblem tutorial

COD Black Ops - Batman 3D Logo Emblem Tutorial Here we go with another black ops emblem tutorial! this ones a 3d batman logo, looks epic on ya gun also on ya playercard! this is just like my superman one, which on certain guns, it looks like its sticking out! anyway please like rate & subscribe! Peaceeeeee
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:05:59
Tags: batman bruce wayne .

Cod black ops - courage the cowardly dog emblem tutorial

COD Black Ops - Courage The Cowardly Dog Emblem Tutorial Here we go with another black ops emblem tutorial, this ones courage the cowardly dog & it was requested by numerous ppl so i decided to try it, i think it looks great for what you get in 12 layers, hope you enjoy it too, please check out my channel for more of the best emblem tutorial on youtube.. peacee
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:04:12
Tags: courage the cowardly .

How to make the best apple inc. logo emblem in black ops

How to make the best Apple Inc. logo emblem in Black Ops ATTENTION: Each side of the Shield is different, be sure that you place the side that has the greatest curve. You need 10 layers in this order: Circle Arrow Head Arrow Head Shield Shield Venn Shades Record Circle Square
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:00:33
Tags: apple inc logo emblem .

Black ops emblem tutorial: forbidden emblem? anonymous (v for vendetta)

Black Ops Emblem Tutorial: Forbidden Emblem? ANONYMOUS (V for Vendetta) EPIC DARTH VADER EMBLEM: www.youtube.com this has been the hardest so far, cuz i didnts want to regrett now having used the shadow effects. but i think i did a pretty good work and used the layers to the best^^. sub like and comment^^ music: Physical - Let It Go
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:01:56
Tags: Vendetta Black Ops .

Best black ops emblems & how to make them ep. 1

Best Black Ops Emblems & How to Make Them Ep. 1 these are videos every week showing how to make some of the best black ops emblems comment rate and subscribe thanks
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:02:03
Tags: black ops emblems .

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