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Arduino and processing tachometer

arduino and processing tachometer this is a video just to show that the digital tachometer i have built using and arduino uno via processing works, ingnore the MPH as its not going anywhere thus why is says 0. if u want the basic codes just ask i have not yet created enough green blocks for RPM (only upto 3000rpm) representation bit as it will soon look alot cooler than this.
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Arduino-compatible leduino as a milling machine/mill tachometer

Arduino-compatible LEDuino as a milling machine/mill tachometer LEDuino is a series of "smart" LED displays, using Arduino-compatible ATmega microcontrollers with lots of available user I/O, for just about any application you can imagine! This example is a simple tachometer that uses a magnetic Hall-effect sensor to send pulses to the display, and directly read-out RPM on this Taig mill. It would work on any another other desktop milling machine, such as Sherline, etc. The ATmega microcontroller could easily read both the motor and head speed simultaneously, and alternately display them on the LED display. Arduino source code is available at the link below. This is the lower-cost LEDuino-4/88, and the sketch running here is only 3142KB, leaving a massive amount of room, even on an 8KB MCU. See: cal-eng.com
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Lfs data on my dashboard with arduino - hardware update

LFS data on my Dashboard with Arduino - Hardware Update sry for the poor quality now the arduino reads data from the LFS like Rpm Speed Gear Turbo pressure Fuel and the drives a stepper motor (48 steps totally - 45 used) for the rpm and 10 shift led lights a servo that shows the remaing fuel on the tank and a led lights if the remainig fuel is below 6% and a 2x16 serial LCD that in the first line we have the curent speed (0-220) and on the second one the curent gear (RN 1 2 3 4 5 6 ) and a BROKEN 7-Segment as gear indicator one of the 7 leds died yesterday as i was testing it with 9V power supply
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Arduino rpm gauge test on an s2000

Arduino RPM Gauge test on an S2000 A quick test of using an Arduino to read the digital tach signal from a S2000.
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Gaming using real car instruments with arduino/secuduino

Gaming Using Real Car Instruments With Arduino/SECUduino Demo of a real car cluster from a Ford working with DIRT 3. Can work with near enough all PC racing games. Thanks to fastdruid for his original work:: bit.ly
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:02:41
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Arduino kawasaki tachometer

Arduino Kawasaki Tachometer Driving a Kawasaki Tachometer with an Arduino solderchips.wordpress.com
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Digital tachometer

digital tachometer just a project I've been tinkering with. the camera really sucks at picking up the text, the contrast looks better in person.
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Arduino contest results!

Arduino Contest Results! Check out Element14's Arduino Group to see all the submissions! www.element-14.com Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Visit my blog: www.jeremyblum.com Check out all the featured videos on youtube Breathalyzer: www.youtube.com Rocket Launch Controller: www.youtube.com Jet Engine Tachometer: www.youtube.com Animatronic Hand: www.youtube.com Garage Door Opener: www.youtube.com Color LED Organ: www.youtube.com Inverse Kinematic Arm: www.youtube.com
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Gear indicator using arduino/tft module

Gear Indicator Using Arduino/TFT Module Sneak peak of what is coming up next. Managed to hook up a 2.4" TFT module to the Arduino board and output gears to it. Hope to output more data onto the screen providing the refresh rate remains at a reasonable rate, in addition to making the gear font bigger.
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