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Amiga 500 external scandoubler / flickerfixer demo

AMIGA 500 external Scandoubler / Flickerfixer Demo Standard A500 with an extern Flickerdixer from ACT Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH / Indivision / Toastscan. www.amiga-hardware.com It´sa great piece of hardware and works perfektly with my A500. Plug&Play - connect one side to the 23pin Videoport (A500) and the other side to vga. You can see it works great with my LG 24" W2453TQ
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:02:38
Tags: AMIGA 500 1200 flickerfixer .

Amiga 1200 playing mp3

Amiga 1200 Playing MP3 This is my Amiga 1200 playing an MP3 . I am using OS3.9 and the Amiga has a Blizzard 1230 accelerator card . I am NOT using any additional hardware . This sound is is being played using the actual Amiga hardware . Not bad for a 17 year old machine :-)
Category: Music     Length: 00:00:41
Tags: Amiga Commodore .

Strictlysega - checking out some amiga's - part 1

StrictlySega - Checking Out Some Amiga's - Part 1 www.youtube.com The Link To The Internet Sensation Leon's Vid About Why He Loves Frankston (Please Click If You Enjoyed This Vid) Ok as promised we will be spending some time taking a look at some Amigas, Both inside and out. I went over to my friends house to explore though his mammoth collection of Amiga hardware and software. This episode we take a look at the Amiga 500, 2000 and the CD32. With a close look at some of the expansion cards that were available for the A2000. Some great historic hardware indeed. Enjoy :)
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:07:56
Tags: strictlysega amiga .

A new amiga a1200 - a look at the hardware

A new Amiga A1200 - A look at the hardware A new Amiga 1200 with a GVP Turbo II+ board. I am using a 512MB PQI 2.5" IDE Flash DOM (Disk on Module). Just putting it all together before we start installing software.
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:01:14
Tags: Amiga 1200 A1200 .

Aros-m68k-amiga boots from floppy in winuae

AROS-m68k-amiga boots from floppy in WinUAE AROS, the open source AmigaOS clone, is being ported to classic Amiga hardware running the Motorola 68000 CPU architecture. This is a very early version of the port, booting from floppy and loading a CLI. I booted with no floppy at first, and then I rebooted and inserted the AROS system floppy. The Amiga emulator WinUAE 2.1.0 was used to record this.
Category: Music     Length: 00:00:42
Tags: AROS amiga booting .

Sodan & magician 42 1987 tech tech (a500)

SODAN & MAGICIAN 42 1987 TECH TECH (A500) SODAN & MAGICIAN 42: TECH TECH (1987) code: Sodan gfx: Magician 42, Sodan, Jim Sachs (Defender of the Crown) Sampling: Sodan & Magician 42 Capture & x264 encode by Lemming/FIG Hardware: Amiga 500 rev 5 PAL OCS Agnus 512K, op.amp modded for loudness Special greetz to #suomiscene NEW OCS SETUP, NEW METHODS FOR AMIGA HARDWARE CAP :) I hope y'all enjoy this.
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:07:30

Skweek (amiga game)

Skweek (amiga game) Skweek 1989, Loriciel Coder: Laurent Arditi Graphics: Stéphane Ducasse Platform: Amiga Hardware: OCS Disks: 1 Genre: Brain - Puzzle Language: English, French Players: 1 or 2
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:06:03
Tags: funny amiga skweek game .

Seedgroup - amiga forever 2008

Seedgroup - Amiga Forever 2008 *** Movie created by: Seedgroup *** *** Music : PPK - Resurrection *** The Amiga is a family of personal computers originally developed by Amiga Corporation. Development on the Amiga began in 1982 with Jay Miner as the principal hardware designer. Commodore International bought Amiga Corporation and introduced the machine to the market in 1985. The name Amiga was chosen by the developers specifically from the Spanish and Portuguese word for a female friend,[1] and because it occurred before Apple and Atari alphabetically.[2] Based on the Motorola 68k series of microprocessors, the machine sports a custom chipset with advanced graphics and sound capabilities, and a pre-emptive multitasking Operating System (now known as AmigaOS). While the M68k is a 32-bit processor, the version originally used in the Amiga, the 68000, has a 16-bit external data bus (that transfers 32 bit of data in two consecutive steps, a technique called multiplexing -- all this transparent to the software, which is 32-bit from the beginning), and the original machine (along with its contemporary, the Atari ST) was generally referred to in the press as a 16-bit computer;[3] later models sported fully 32-bit designs. The Amiga provided a significant upgrade from 8-bit computers such as the Commodore 64, and the Amiga quickly grew in popularity among computer enthusiasts, especially in Europe, and sold approximately 6 million units.[4] It also found a prominent role in the desktop video / video production ...
Category: Film & Animation     Length: 00:02:41
Tags: Seedgroup Amiga Forever 2008 remix .

A500 shadow of the beast

A500 Shadow of The Beast A remarkable game, custom made for the Amiga hardware, with an impressive OST by David Whitaker. The outdoor level alone had no less then 12 independent layers of Paralax Scrooling, a first among it's piers. A true classic.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:04:09
Tags: Psygnosis Refelctions .

Amiga 3d game - space spuds (x-specs game)

Amiga 3D Game - Space Spuds (X-Specs Game) Amiga 3D game Space Spuds released for the Haitex X-Specs S3D in 1989. The game is comes on the demo disk that comes with the X-Specs which uses sequencial frames and lcd shutter glasses just like the segascope3-D. www.amiga-hardware.com More information here. Press the 3D button to choose what 3d method to use. Various Glasses or no glasses. I created this video with the YouTube 3D Video Editor (www.youtube.com
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:07:27
Tags: glasses yt3d:metadata=editor .

Trapped 3 - amiga game (unreleased)

Trapped 3 - Amiga game (UnReleased) Trapped 3 - Amiga FPS Game Demo, Oxyron1998 The Trapped engine is design to scale to pretty much any amiga hardware setup you have. OCS, AGA, RTG with any cpu above 68020 + 4mb ram. This version of Trapped is straight scifi fps, where as trapped, trapped 2 were fps-rpg games.
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:03:18
Tags: Commodore Amiga .

Aros coming to raspberry pi soon.

Aros coming to Raspberry Pi soon. Odyssey Demo at 17.00m Aros is the open source rewrite of the AmigaOS3.1, which has been written from scratch to be source code compatible with the Amiga. However, it is now available on existing original Amiga hardware and is binary compatible which means it can run existing Amiga software. This is the x86 version of Aros running the latest, yet to release Icaros 1.4 with some nice new additions. I have put this video together to give you a heads up at what we are trying to get to the wonderful Raspberry Pi board. After all the coolest board needs a super cool OS.
Category: Science & Technology     Length: 00:26:46
Tags: Operating System Amiga Aros Raspberry .

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