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Fail compilation april 2011 || funny || hd

Fail Compilation April 2011 || FUNNY || HD The best fails this month in one single video. I hope you all enjoy it. It really took some time to find the best videos around the net from the last month.
Category: Comedy     Length: 00:06:12
Tags: epicfail drunk pain dunk bike race skater skate dumpert compilatie 1.5 million views animals animation twisternederland .

Badministrator - animal spirit (udyr tribute)

Badministrator - Animal Spirit (Udyr Tribute) Download Link: www.sendspace.com I have no idea why you all keep coming back to listen to these songs but I'm glad you do because if you didn't I'd look pretty stupid making so many. I have 10k+ subs and 15 million views on this channel which is about 9999 more subs and 1.499 million views more than I ever expected when I started this. Udyr has been requested a bunch lately so I figured I'd do a user request for once and make it happen. Beat: Snowgoons - Who? Lyrics: (Udyr) You've never fought anyone quite like me I've got more forms to deal with than a corporate beaurocracy My damage is crazy, multiple personalities Turtle form up first to tell you bout his specialty (Turtle) Slow and steady wins the race and I'm about to drop a slow and steady boot right onto your ugly face Your a disgrace, any damage that you do I Shield or Lifesteal turtles can't be touched ask April O'Neil That's for real, you're like a zombie walking circles Postgame chat, blank stare, all you say is "I like turtles" Trying to lane with me's like jumping 10 foot hurdles Bear form next so epic, no blues or yellows only purples (Bear) You can't run, speed buff and stuns Hope you like your tower your about to have a 30 minute hug Leave my mark on the game like a vandal Here comes the Second amendment, more bear arms than you can handle Here comes the resentment, team chemistry in shambles Start a vigil, light a candle, any chance you had to win has been dismantled Beat down and mangled Tiger form is ...
Category: Gaming     Length: 00:01:48
Tags: Badministrator udyr animal spirit .

Animated comic book

Animated Comic Book This was the first music video i made. It's for the song 'He Said She Said' by Maldroid. It's received over 15 million views on youtube and won numerous awards including: Alice Radio 3 Minute Film Festival 2008, "Best Original Music Video" "Best Music Video" in the YouTube Underground contest! Golden Mouse Award, Good Morning America "Best Music Video" Standing Rock Film Festival 'Critics Choice' I started with video and rotoscoped the frames in photoshop on a wacom tablet to resemble my sketch-book style drawing. Written, Directed, Shot, Edited, Animated, and Composited by Ryan Hayford. Software: Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion
Category: Music     Length: 00:02:32
Tags: ryan hayford matches .

Vers' interview

Vers' Interview Maybach Latinovision in association with Big FOOTAGE Productions and 305hiphop.com present the first Official interview with the internet sensation VERS'... With over 15 million views to date, this famous video has won over 15 youtube awards including most searched video in other countries. It has been posted on WorldStarHipHop.com and several other blogs including Perez Hiltons. From Canada to Australia and even South Africa, the talented Vers' has sparked a response in favor of the Miami Hip Hop movement and is ready to take it further. To watch the original video that has caused the uproar go to youtube.com/bugsy305 also please Subscribe to youtube.com/MaybachLatinovision for any other exclusives from Vers'.
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:05:08
Tags: Miami Maybach Music Latino .

1.5 million !!! thank you!!

1.5 Million !!! Thank you!! Visit the website forum: www.thejapanchannel.com The SiIly Old Dude Channel: www.youtube.com
Category: People & Blogs     Length: 00:01:41
Tags: yt:stretch=4:3 japan japanese thejapanchannel .

Hannah storm and adam schefter high-fiving mangini getting fired

Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter High-Fiving Mangini getting fired Hannah storm and Adam Schefter high fiving Mangini getting fired! This is a video of these two ESPN announcers high fiving after hearing that Mangini was getting fired, something that many people will not see often on that channel, or on tv. Original Upload by dayplek, thanks for putting this up. "stay classy ESPN" is what is being said. Find deals in the New Year now at: tinyurl.com Or Learn the Truth about your abs right now at: tinyurl.com Thanks for watching! Now over 15 million views on the original upload of hannah storm and adam schefter high-fiving mangini getting fired, and still counting. Do you think that this occuring on TV was at all right?
Category: News & Politics     Length: 00:00:33
Tags: hannah storm adam schefter .

On the rocks reflects on internet fame

On The Rocks Reflects on Internet Fame University of Oregon On The Rocks have found new fame with two viral videos receiving a combined 15 million views on YouTube. The male a capella group reflects on being Internet famous.
Category: News & Politics     Length: 00:01:40
Tags: internet lady gaga .

Trackmania - the 1k project ii

Trackmania - The 1K Project II I did not create this, details below. 1000 Races were recorded and displayed simultaneously for this unique and absolutely stunning video. This video was created using the video game Trackmania Sunrise. First Released in March 2006, it was made famous in September 2006 when the video was shown at GameTrailers.com where it reached, in spite of the poor quality of the flash format, over 15 million views. Enjoy ------------------------------ Directed by : BlackShark Track designed by : Amraphendt & BlackShark Replays by : BlackShark (920) Amraphendt (80) Skins (Car painting) by : Nadeo (Game developper) & Tom Fuel Mediatracking (Camera management) Rendering and Editing by : BlackShark Rendering Machine : AMD Athlon XP2000+ - 1GB RAM - nvidia 6600 GT 128MB
Category: Entertainment     Length: 00:02:18
Tags: Trackmania Sunrise .

Downtown miami 900 biscayne bay lifestyle

Downtown Miami 900 Biscayne Bay Lifestyle 900 Biscayne Bay is a mixed-use project developed by Terra Group, trendsetters in the real estate industry. More than a building, it's a stunning work of art nestled in the heart of Miami's downtown renaissance. Here's where you'll find the most sought after views of shimmering Biscayne Bay as well as the arts, shopping and lively nightlife—with every amenity imaginable, every need met. Designed by world-renowned architect Luis Revuelta, 900 Biscayne Bay is a 63-floor tower angled to capture every possible view of the ocean. It's an architectural masterpiece—from its smooth, undulating façade to its wide-open pools and observation deck on the 17th floor. The unique design is complemented by celebrated interior designer Sam Robin, who has created a calming blend of art and design with natural textures and tones. Modern and serene, 900 Biscayne Bay offers more than 1.5 million square feet of living, office and retail space, a combination most suitable to today's city lifestyle. Each of the 509 residential units features state-of-the-art technology and amenities as well as generous living spaces and exceptional terraces. 900 Biscayne Bay is centrally located, with the Miami International Airport only 15 minutes away. Trendy South Beach is a five-minute drive across the causeway, and Museum Park and the American Airlines Arena are just across Biscayne Boulevard. Also within walking distance is the magnificent Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the Metromover station ...
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:03:50
Tags: Biscayne DORA PUIG .

Citizen tube interview with robert greenwald

Citizen Tube interview with Robert Greenwald bravenewfilms.org robert greenwald, director of brave new films, answers questions posed to him by the You Tube News and Politics Staff, such as 1) What motivated you to start Brave New Films? 2) Could you briefly explain the process of making a BNF video, from concept to posting? 3) What have you found to be some of the challenges of producing and distributing online political content? And what have been some of the rewards? 4) Compared to most political channels on YouTube, your videos receive a ton of traffic. At last count, your latest McCain video is at 15 million views. What's your main PR strategy? How do you go about getting the word out? 5) How has YouTube impacted or helped with your efforts? 6) What are some of the projects BNF has in store for the near future? 7) From watching your videos, it's clear you guys aren't fans of John McCain. Aside from him being the GOP nominee, what are your substantive issues with him? 8) What advice would you give to fledgling political videomakers? Any important lessons you've learned along the way? 9) How does what you're doing now compare to your days as a TV and feature film director?
Category: News & Politics     Length: 00:08:01
Tags: robert greenwald brave new films .

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